John smith

Timeline of John Smith

  • Jan 15, 1580

    His Birth

    His Birth
    John Smith was born in January of 1580.
  • Period: Jan 15, 1580 to

    John Smith

  • His Education

    His Education
    His Childhood was mostly spent away from home.
  • His Job

    His Job
    At age 15, he leaft school to be a merchant's apprentice for Thomas Sendall.
  • Joining the War

    Joining the War
    John Smith joined the Australian war against the Turks.
  • As a Slave

    As a Slave
    John Smith was sold as a slave but he escaped by killing his master.
  • Joining the Virginia Company

    Joining the Virginia Company
    John Smith joined the Virginia Company while people were looking for the NW passage.
  • Leaving England

    Leaving England
    Three ships left England to sail to Virginia
  • His Journey

    His Journey
    The journey to Jamestown was sickening, but it was worth the agony.
  • The Powhatans

    The Powhatans
    The Powhatans were a Indian tribe that built a relationship with the colonists.
  • Pocahantas

    Pocahantas was the daughter of Powhatan, and she saved John when the Powhatans were going to hurt him.
  • Johns Injury

    Johns Injury
    When John was on exploring New England, gun powder exploded and John got serverely hurt.
  • His Books

    His Books
    John wrote six books, A Map of Virginia, A Description of New England, True Travles, The General History of Virginia, New England, and Summer Isles.
  • His Death

    His Death
    John Smith died on June 21, 1631.