Timeline of Evolution

By jamin
  • 3.8billion years ago

    The beggining of life forms that we know of.
  • 3.5 billion yeaes ago

    The oldest single celled organisms fossils date back from this time.
  • 3.4 billion years ago

    Rock formationsin Western Australia date back from this time
  • 3 billion years ago

    Viruses are preasant bythis time.
  • 2.3 billion years ago

    Earth freezes over, due to lack of volcanic activity.
  • 900millionyears ago

  • 800million years ago

    The first multicellular organisms overcome their first split, sponges and Eumetazoa.
  • 770 million years ago

    The planet freezes over again.
  • 680 million years ago

    The ansestor of cnidarians breaks away from other animals.
  • 575 million years ago

    Strange life forms called Ediacarans appear around this time and persist for 33 million years.