Timeline of Composers

  • Period: to

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Symphony 9He started to Romantic Movement. All his pieces are important, and everything he did is evident in all other composers of the time period.
    His 9th symphony remains on of his most prolific work.
  • Period: to

    Fredric Chopin

    Revolutionary Etude
    Chopin was a young piano virtuoso. He is most known for composing several piano etudes and showpieces. His concertos are written with such skill and dexterity that has been quite unmatched.
  • Period: to

    Robert Schumann

    Cello Concerto
    Schumann was a true romantic. He expressed himself artistically as much as possible, but his life was plagued with ill health and unfortunate events. His cello concerto was his last composition, and I chose it because it is a beautiful piece of music.
  • Period: to

    Franz Lizst

    Hungarian Rhaposdy No. 2
    Liszt was very popular during this time period. His compositions were very well received. He is known for his piano compositions.
  • Period: to

    Gisuppe Verdi

    Choir of Hebrew Slaves
    Verdi started as poor child who had promise as a composer so he ended up following his passion of composing up til his death in 1901. Verdi hit a couple of roadblocks in his careers but he is still the most well known opera composer ever.
  • Period: to

    Richard Wagner

    Flying Dutchman Overture
    He strived to piece together music, art, and literature. He is probably most known for his operas. Wagner was probably the most important late Romantic composers. The Flying Dutchman is considered his most important work.
  • Period: to

    Johann Brahms

    OvertureHe idolizes Beethoven who was his strongest influence. He is a true classicist, but his compositions sounds strongly romantic.
    Academic festive overture is a popular piece today.
  • Period: to

    Peter Tchaikovsky

    Romeo and JulietHe composed with a nationalistic attitude; however, unlike many other Russian composers he maintained a humble air. I chose the Romeo and Juliet Overture because I felt that represented a more personal side of Tchaikovsky that is not often heard.
  • Period: to

    Gustav Mahler

    This is a sample of his work.He was known as a composer during his lifetime, and only post humorously has his compositions become well known. Mahler was a bridge composer between Romantic and Modern movements of music.