Timeline of Art History

Timeline created by AmBravo
  • Persistence of Vision with Regards to Moving Objects.

    Peter Mark Roget was the first person to find out that putting pictures togethers can create the illusion of movement. This was a paper he wrote and submitted to the British Royal Society.
  • Walt Disney was born

    Walt Disney was an American cartoon artist and animated film producer whom founded the largest entertainment company Disney. Reference:
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  • Stan Lee was Born

    Stanley Martin Lieber, also known as Stan Lee, was born. He joined Timely Comics, which later became Marvel Comics, as an editorial assistant. These comics became the most influential superhero cartoons. Reference:
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  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie was the first animated cartoon to have sound. Reference:
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  • Chuck Jones

    Chuck Jones became the youngest director at Warner Bros. studios. He is most known for the Looney Tunes. (Approximate date) Reference:
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  • Motion Graphics, Inc. Founded

    John Whitney Sr. founded Motion Graphics, Inc. which was used to create motion picture and television title sequences and commercials. (Approximate date)
  • Sketchpad

    Ivan Sutherland created the first computer animation program of that time. He called it a man machine graphical communication system. Reference:
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  • Westworld

    Westworld used cinema's first 2D images. Reference:
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  • Six Million Dollar Man

    Six Million Dollar Man was the first show to ever use a CGI intro.

    The Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, also known as SIGGRAPH, was created for people of the same interest. The first conference was held in Colorado, which was held for the animators to get together.
  • Tom Sito

    Tom Sito began as a professional animater. He is considered one of the 100 most important people in animation. (Approximate date) Reference:
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  • Steve Jobs and Pixar

    Steve Jobs bought the computer division of Lucasfilm, then funded the purchase of technology rights to create Pixar. (Approximate date) Reference:
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  • Computer Animation Production System

    A technology created by Disney, the computer animation production system was used to color animated cells. This was first used at the end of The Little Mermaid. (Approximate date) Reference: The Tech of Computer Animation. (2003, April 7). Retrieved May 14, 2015, from http://www.angelfire.com/ut/RToons/Pixar.html
  • Toy Story was released

    On November 22,1995 Toy Story became the first fully computer animated feature film. Reference:
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