Timeline for dance

  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam war was said to be a useless war with thousands of american lives lost and noting changed over seas (Hair)
  • Hippies

    Hippe subculture developed as a youth movemnt. So i havent seen Hair but aparently theres somthing about hippies in it.
  • Draft

    Draft started in 1940 but put into effect during the Vieatnam war in hair a bunch of kids got drafted.
  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy
    Jfk was elected into the presidency in the year of 1960. He was the president that had civil rights on his mind an the blackes who could vote voted for him.In hairspray civil right was what it was mostly about.
  • Race riots

    as street gangs got bigger and spread ver the u.s. race riots showed up woth the news more and more. (West Side Story)
  • Black Power movement

    in hairrspray one of the girls was on a dance show that was all white people but she wanted to mix it with blacks. The black power movement was a display oh how blacks can do something
  • Ant-War Movement

    was a campaing against the vieatnam war.Which ties in with Hair somehow.
  • "I Have A Dream"

    "I Have A Dream"
    Martin Luther King Jr. made a speech at the lincoln memorial. His speech opened the eyes of many African Americans and white people every where
  • JFK dead

    JFK was assasinated. When he died the hope for civil rights didn die with him.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson

    Was sworne into office after JFK was assasinated
  • Civil rights

    Civil right act was passed by Lyndon B. Jhonson (hairspray)
  • Sexual Revolution

    In grease the bady boy falls in love with the good girl. But that has nothing to do with Sexual revolutin, occurring in western countries is still happening today but not as much.
  • LBJ

    He was a huge contriuter in civi tight evan though he didnt belive in it fully he was so determined to fulfill Kennedys wish to have civil right that he didnt care about anything that people said. (hairspray)
  • Areosmith

    formed which added another rock/pop band to the list of bands that teens used to rebel against there parents which in someways is what happened in grease.
  • Watergate

    was a scandal in tthe democratic party
  • Draft ended

    draft ended (hair)