Timeline Division 3 Fall Semester

  • IRB Proposal completed

    Complete IRB cover letter, proposal and consent form and hand in to NS office.
  • Period: to

    Semester 1 Division 3

    During the first semester of Division 3 I will apply for funding for my project, turn in a proposal for IRB approval, and complete a literature review. I will recruit a minimum of six interviewees and conduct interviews with all participants before winter recess, so that the audio can be transcribed over break.
  • First Division III Committee Meeting

    First all-committee meeting. Bring concept map, timeline, and contact list.
  • Apply for Funding

    Social Venture and Justine Salton Memorial
  • Div III meeting

    Interview questions reviewed by committee
    participants contacted
    Have a rough draft of introduction and solid outline
  • Advising Day Div III Meeting

    Meeting to discuss progress on Literature Review
  • Interviews completed

    Interviews conducted and ready for transcription. Plan on having transcribed during winter session and returned before spring term.
  • First Draft Literature Review Completed

    Turn in first draft of Lit. Review for revisions
  • First Edit on Literature Review Completed

    Literature review completed and approved by committee members.
  • Division 3 Committee Meeting

    Final committee meeting before winter recess to discuss next steps