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  • AristoCats

    AristoCats were the first feature length animated movie to be entirely completed after Walts Disney death and the last to be approved by Walt Disney . It was inspired by a true story, with an actual cat family. The reason for the release date was to keep the tradition of seeing a movie on New Years as an on going tradition as family would do .
  • CNN

    Cable News Network also know as CNN was launched and became a hit . The company showed a 24 hour news coverage . And CNN was the first all news based television Channel in the us .
  • block buster

    block buster
    Blockbuster was created to provide a home movie and video game rental services. Through the store it had a video rental shop, DVD mailing, streaming, video on demand, and cinema theater.It started losing business around the 2000s and there is now only one store in the whole world
  • nelson Mandela

    nelson Mandela
    He was released after 27 years served in prison for spreading the word about equality . It was documented by the news sources and is considered and important mark in history . He made a big impact to help blacks become equal to communities .
  • Netflix

    it didn't do successful when it first came out but years later it started blowing up . People started to watch and pay for such a good service
  • 911

    Two planes clashed into the Twin Towers and many other buildings. It was caught on many phones, news , and other sources. It was caused by terrorist to destroy the us .
  • Avatar

    Was the highest grossing film until April 26 , 2019 . One of the first movies to be visually advanced with technical advancements. Was based on a novel then later became a movie.
  • Avengers Endgame

    Avengers Endgame
    The most highest grossing film of all time within a matter of days . It is a movie that brings a lot of characters together and the characters bring together all one story . it made 1b$ in only 5 days and grew 2x that 6 days later