Timeline Acts

  • Sugar Act

    They made this act and started to tax sugar. So because they started taxing sugar the colinist tried to boycott sugar, but because there was like no spice or anything of that nature they needed sugar so eventually they all had to start buying sugar again.
  • Currency Act

    This act prohibited the issue of any new bills + the reissue of existing currency.
  • Quatering Act

    The quatering act saved alot of familys from being pretty much put out of there own houses by soldiers. Befre this act soldiers could go to your front door and walk right in and take over your beds and take all your food, and if you refused to let them do this you would be kicked out of your house.
  • Declatary Act

    This act is to secure the dependency of his majesty dominions in america.
  • Boston Massacre

    The boston Massacre is when soldiers went into a city and had there guns drawn and pointed at the citizens. They were not suppose to shoot but one of the soldiers must have got nervous or heard someone say somthing about shoot and he shot his gun. Once he shot everyone of the soldiers shot. There were a total of 5 deaths and 8 wonded people citizens
  • Boston Tea Party

    The boston tea party was the direct action of the colinest from boston. After officals from boston wouldnt return three shiploads of taxed tea to britian. A group of brave colinist bored the ship and destroyed all the tea on all the boats by throwing the tea into the harbor. By this action the water was brown for a week, there was atleast a million dollars worth of tea on the boats.
  • Intolerable Act

    This controled the five acts passed by parliament breaking resistance in ma. Following the btp.
  • Township Act

    This act is to authorize the incorporation of chater township + to provide power through municipal charters.