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    Technological Advances

  • Blackberry Phones

    Blackberry Phones
    The Blackberry cell phones were first invented in 2002 by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. This was one of the first popular smartphones and was in high demand due to the easy-access keyboard, web browsing, and easy email access. These features were favored by those who used their phones for work.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    The Wii is a gaming console released in 2006 by Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda. This gaming system was meant to attract all genders and ages as it offered multiple games of exercise, car racing, and dancing.
  • Iphone

    The iPhone was invented in 2007 by Steve Jobs and his company, Apple Inc. The screen touch phone enhanced mobile devices in a way that let us access the internet much easier and in higher quality. There were many other uses to the iPhone through applications that you could download such as social media, email, and text.
  • IPod touch

    IPod touch
    The iPod touch was invented in 2007 by Apple Inc. It became popular very quickly with the realization that CDs were no longer needed to access music. This iPod was also a big change from previous versions as this did not have front-face buttons but was only touch screen.
  • Kindle

    The Amazon Kindle was invented in 2007 by Jeff Bezos. The Kindle is still very popular with access to thousands of books on a single device. It was also very convenient to have all these options of books on the go.