• mickey mouse

    mickey mouse
    mom read disney books to me when little
  • barney

    didnt like barney or sesame street so i was picky about my tv shoes and i was actualy scared of barney
  • speech

    had to go to speech class.fun
  • writing

    had trouble writing in cursive because of being a lefty so learned not to like it and my writing is sloppy
  • magic tree house

    magic tree house
    read magic tree house books
  • bad words

    watched first movie with bad words
  • artemis fowl

    artemis fowl
    read the series of books artemis fowl
  • diary of wimpy kid

    diary of wimpy kid
    very funny book and encouraged me to start a journal but not really
  • like and ummm

    used to say like and um alot
  • bad grades

    bad grades
    got bad grades so my mom grounded me and took away my playstation and made me read books
  • 1st phone

    1st phone
    got my first phone and it sucked but its better than nothing
  • barnes and nobles

    barnes and nobles
    awesome place
  • broke leg

    broke leg
    broke my leg so i had to read over the summer and couldnt play sports
  • reading the history book

    had to wait to be picked up so read almost the whole history book and got good grade on test
  • spelling bee

    entered a spelling bee contest and i think i won
  • hunger games

    hunger games
    it was a great book.and the movie was also awesome
  • parrot in the oven

    parrot in the oven
    this book changed the way i think of people and also gave me a different meaning to see life
  • email/gmail

    i created my email account because you must have one escpecially when your in high school
  • manners

    learned that you must have different etiquete and respect others at the school especially when your a softmore