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  • Unbelieveable

  • Clarice bean

  • Saving Zoe

    Saving Zoe
    Is about a young girl who's older sister died of what they think was an accident.while her sister gets with the wrong crowd and recieve from the older sisters boyfriend the sisters diary.
    this book was set in the older days so have not yet discovered things yet.
    this book would have to be one of my favourites and i reccomend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of romance and mistery thrill.
  • Unreal

  • Clarice bean Utterly Me

  • Charlie And The Chocolate Fctory

    Charlie And The Chocolate Fctory
    Charlie and the chocolate factory is an old time favourite to many. it is about a young boy winning a trip to a chocolate family with 5 other winners along with 1 adult each.charlie and his family are very poor and are getting old.It has it's adventures and will Chalie and his family get luckey or will it get worse?I reccomend this book to any child because i'm sure you will like the all time favourite.
  • Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes

    Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes
    This book writen by Lauren Child is an excellent book for children our age. She is a brilliant author who is very descriptive and creative with her writing.I reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys mistery, thrill and reading about spys.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION:This book is about an average rich family who has a buttler leave after a mis understanding, they get robbed and took everything while ruby recieves secret messages from spy agencies.This book has its mix ups that change the storey alot.
  • Thirteen Reasons Why

    Thirteen Reasons Why
    This book is about a young girl has made a tape and has sent it out to 13 people.This tape holds inside the 13 reasons why she overdosed herself with drugs.This book goes inside the 13 stories and is very exciting and hard to put down.I recommend this book to any kid who is mature and has had a hard time in life because they will really understand the storey.
  • Just Crazy

    Just Crazy
  • Give Me Four Reasons

    Give Me Four Reasons
    Give Me Four Reasons By Lizzie Wilcock is about a group of friends who are leaving Primary and going to an Intermediate School. They made a promise that they will stay friends no matter what. Paige, the girl who feels left out in the group has family problems and on the first day of school she falls into the wrong crowd. Will paige keep her promise? I reccomend this book to anyone who has ever been in this suituation or like to read about difficult friendships.
  • Just Stupid

    Just stupid is another hilarious book writen by Andy Grifiths.
    It is about a boy and his jurneys along the way of his life. Each paragraph has a new adventure. From embarassing moments to great laughs. I reccomend this book to students at the age of year 7 and 8.
  • Ride Of The Katipo

    Ride of the katipo is writen by stu duvel and has great contex. The storey can get a bit gross, but has a lot of detail.
    I really got into the book as he visited the beach andd gave an indeath summery. I recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind reading about rough suituation .
  • Cry Of The Tuatara

    Cry of the Tuatara is an exciting enjoyable book. It is hard to put down and is very creative and different. It has little tricks through the book and is one of the best PUT books I have read. This book would also help students understand the difference in sentence types and beginnings. It can also help teach kis how to drag in your audiandce. I recomend this book to year 5 to year 8.
  • Cascada

  • Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy

    This is a fabulous book, though it does start off slow.About a young girl going to a girls spy accadamy. But along the way she gets into a bit of trouble with love. Boys. Boys end up coming to the schoool and cammie the name she goes by finds it hard to live with the change. There is a lot of excitment in this book, and I recomened it to year 7 and 8ts due to it can help you with your vocabulary as well as it being a fun book for me.
  • Holes

    I reccomend this book to boys and girls aged 11 to 13. It is an interesting book and leads the reader in, by the depth of the sntences.
  • Cascade

  • Just stupid

    Just Stupid is a crazy, active book that tell stories that are very funny and interesting. I reccomend this book to 12 years olds who like an easy laugh out loud book.
  • Under The Haywthorn Tree

    Under the haythorn tree is an interesting book about irland and the great famine. I reccomend this book to intermediate students that like to read about specific people andhow they survived the disaster.
  • Wildfower Girl

    Wildflower girl is the 2nd book of three. It is about a new life from island in America. It explains the hard life Peggy had to survive. I reccomend this book to Girls who are intersted in the history of contries.
  • Tallulah Casey

  • Shug

  • Memories of a teenage amenisiac

  • Forget

  • Forever