Timeline created by Chewycow
  • Initial View of a Hero

    My intial view of a hero was anyone who risks something for someone else.
  • Roy Benevidez

    In class today Mrs. Allen read a passage about Roy Benevidez, a green beret who nearly died saving 8 other people though. I still believed a hero was anyone who risked their life for someone else.
  • Thought

    Over the weekend I thought about the definition of hero and I thought that a hero was anyone who risked something for someone else.
  • VIdeos and Song

    The videos where the everyday kids did things to help other people that they don't even know was amazing. They could also be considered heroes to all the people that they helped.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Watching the interview with Kristi altered my view of hero. Seeing her leave everything to go and help the people in Costa Rica was very cool. Even though she is not really risking her life or anything she could still be considered a hero.
  • Period: to

    Choosing my Hero

    These two days we were in the library and searching for heroes. At first I was thinking of picking Bill Gates but I thought too many people would do that so I wanted to do someone original but I did not know who.
  • Picking my Hero

    That night I went home and talked with parents about who I could do. I wanted to do a major philanthropist or someone but I did not know who. My father suggested reading about George Soros.
  • Period: to


    I got my book on the 14th and then finished it by the next day because it was so interesting, It didn't really change my view of hero but the book was really good.
  • Heroes in Literature

    We looked at all these different people and found what qualities they have in common. All of them had some qualities and helped or inspired other people which also broadened my view of heroes, I now considered a hero any one who helped someone else in a major way, not neccesarily risking their life or body.
  • Badly Drawn Boy

    The badly drawn boy video showed me that he could also be a hero even though he is not really risking anything either. He helped all those people by just showing love and hugging them. He is not neccesarily a hero but a good semaritan.