time line

  • charles babbage

    designed the first automatic calculafter called analyhic engines
  • herman hollerith

    first took punch card concopti
  • z1 compter

    first compter to include certion featurns control units sep memery
  • eniac

    us govt sponsered machine develped to calculate sittings used for updates
  • univac

    was the first commriciatlly successful electron digihal compter
  • 1st generation computers

    last to use valum tubes to store date
  • jack kilby

    worked at texas instruments in vented the words first interground
  • 2nd generation compters

    transistores ways limited us to now small hey could
  • 3rd generation compter

    early intergrated ciruits generation
  • basic

    language that stundent could easily learn
  • bill gates

    founder of mirrsolft
  • 4th generation compters

    compters that use a microprocesser chif
  • introduction of the gui

    interact with the computer more easity
  • altair compter

    no key board or monitor 252 bytes
  • steve jobs

    forward apple computer
  • apple II

    featured color monitor sound and gear puddles
  • visicalc

    first election spreadsheet appliction
  • osborne computer

    first porttable compter
  • pagemaker

    the first decktop publishing solftware
  • excel

    first spresdsheets to use a grahised user interure
  • mosaic

    allowed users to veiw multipedia on the web
  • netscape

    web brown which soon becume a predominant player in brown softward
  • wordstar

    first word proeesing applishing software