Time line

  • Annexed Hawaii

    Extended U.S territory into the pacific and it highlighted results from the econmic integeration and the rise of power of the U.S to the pacific.
  • Period: to

    Open Door Policy

    it was the protection of equal privileges among countries trading with china and in support of chinese territorial and administrative integrity.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    it was a federal law passed to prevent Chinese immigration to the United States.
  • Hay-Bunau Varilla treaty

    An agreement betwwen the U.S and Panama that gave exclusive canal right to the U.S so that they can cross the Isthmus of Panama.
  • Meat inspection Act &soure food& adn drugs

    It was the beggining of federal regulation of countries meat, poultry and egg product supply.
    this act applied to products that were shipped in foreign or in the interstate commerce
  • Period: to

    Panama Canal

    U.S helps Panama become indep of Columbia to creat a U.S canal treaty.
    . Panama canal built in 1906-1914
  • 16th Amendment

    taxes rich, not poor; allows tariff, prices reduction
  • Federal Reserve System

    establish the federal reserve sysytem as the cetnral banking autority of the united states.
  • 17th Amendment

    Direct election of senators reduces party boss influnce
  • Military Intervention in Vera Cruz

    The president sought to influnce the conflict by controlling the flow of foreign military supplies to mexico through its chief port.
  • Clayton Anti Trust Act

    passed by congress as an amendment to clarify anad supplement the sherman antitrust act of 1890. this act prohibited exclusive sales contracts,local price cutting to freeze out competitors.
  • The Lusitania

    Sunk by U-boat but germany restricted it subc.
    A reason why the US joined WW1.
  • Fourteen Points

    plan for peace after WW1 included self determination and league of nations it was presented by Woodrow Wilson.
  • Influenza Epidemic

    it killed 600,000 people in the US in only 10 months
  • 18th amendment

    prohibition it ban manufacturing, distribution and sale of alchol
  • Period: to

    Red Scare and Palmer Raids

    Att Gen palmer and later J Edgar Hoovere arrested immigrantes and union agitators, communist may deported; abused civil liberties
  • Steel Strike

    Massive violent strike led by Union leader Samuel Gompers; broke by NAtional Guards; 20 death.
    Contributed to red scare as a communist helped lead strike
  • Treaty of Versailles

    It end WW1 between Germany and Allied Powers.
    The US did not signed it
  • League of Nations

    US Senate led by Henry Cabot Lodge refused to join; fear of losing soverignty; Wilson took fight to join League directly to US
  • Margaret Sanger

    Margaret Sanger founds American birthcontrol League also known as Planned Parenthood;family planning and birthc ontrol