Time Line

  • 1993

    50 world wide web servers are known to exist.
    I think this is important because people could now use the internet.
  • 1994

    World wide consortuim was founded by Tim Berners-Lee
    Yahoo was made
  • 1995

    Java, Ebay, Amazon, Hot mail where maid.
    I think this is important because a lot of people use eBay, and Amazon to bye some of there stuff.
  • 1996

    WebTv is introduse.
    I chose this because there might be people that missed there tv show and could not go back and record it so now they have a chance to go to WebTv and watch there favorite showes.
  • 1997

    Microsoft acquires Hot Mail.
    I like this because Microsoft lets you email because of Hotmail and its also on xbox witch helps a lot.
  • 1998

    Google was founded by Sergey Brin & Larry Page.
    I think this is important because back then Google was the only website where you could resurch of fine something that you want or looking for.
  • 2001

    Bill Gates introduses Xbox!
    I chose this because People could be playing his new gaming system and could comunicate to because there is internet on the xbox and coud skype to. I also chosed this because I gamer and I play Xbox and I like it because I think its a great system and I hope he comes up with a new modle that looks a lot diffrent then it looks like right now.
  • 2002

    1 Billion PC's have been sold.
    I chosed this because over 1 Billion people bought PC computers and people are now using the internet.
  • 2005

    eBay acquires Skype.
  • 2006

    Over 1 million Skype acounts were regesterd.
    I chose this because people could now video chat from across the world anywhere and anytime as ling as you regester for skype and download it.