Tiananmen Square

By slimjim
  • Mourners at Tiananmen Square

    Mourners at Tiananmen Square
    university students began mourning the death of Hu Yoabang, he a symbol of anti-corruption and political reform. students called for "press freedom" and other reforms, in his name.
  • Unrest Spreads

    Unrest Spreads
    from april 18-21, domonstrations begin in beijing and spreadsto other cities. Party leaders fear that the demonstrations might lead to havoc and protests. but Zhao Ziyang convinces the party member to wait.
  • protests begin

    over 100,000 university students gather outside the Great Hall of the People, 3 students insist on meeting Li Peng, he does not. the couple of days, students boycott classes and start unofficial student unions, an illegal act in china
  • Editorial Denounces the Students

    from april 26-27, "The Necessity for a Clear Stand Against Turmoil," appears in the state-run newspaper, the People's Daily. This editorial closely follows the opinions expressed by Deng at the meeting the day before. "This is a well-planned plot … to confuse the people and throw the country into turmoil," it reads. the editorial sets off many demonstrations in many other cities. there were cross sections of society in the protests
  • The World Is Watching

    from april 28-may 3, the party leaders are aware of the increase in foreign press coverage of domonstrations but stay vigilent for finding a way to stop the demonstrations and getting students back to classes
  • students press on

    thousands of students march into the square to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the 1919 "May Fourth Movement," which took place in the square as well. the students said they would return to class but continue to press on.
  • Hunger Strike

    160 students begin a hunger strike in Tiananmen Square, citing the government's failure to respond to their requests, anticipating Soviet Party Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev's visit
  • loss of face

    the hunger strike forces the government to cancel plans to welcome him in Tiananmen Square as Mikhail Gorbachev arrives in Beijing for the first Sino-Soviet summit since 1959.
  • Divided Politburo

    with over 300,000 members on strike, the protests during the visit "polarizes" the Politburo. Zhao suggests that the way to end the strike is for the government to retract its April 26 editorial, accept the students' demand for dialogue and begin reforms during an emergency
  • Li Peng Meets With Students

    Li Peng visits hospitalized hunger strikers, trying to negotiate a way to end the strike. Li Peng holds a televised meeting with student leaders in the Great Hall of the People, ends with no progress made.
  • martial law declared

    Student leaders learn of the plan to declare martial law and call off their hunger strike, then start a sit-in in the square with over 1.2 million supporters. later That evening, Li Peng appears on state television to declare martial law.
  • The Army Is Sent Into Beijing

    soldiers are sent into Beijing to occupy the streets. even if provoked,The soldiers have been ordered not to fire on civilians. for about 3 days the soldiers are stuck in the city, on may 24, the pla is allowed to leave, only to show this was an embarassing waste of time and challenge of government power.
  • A New Offensive

    Over the next week, the demonstrations continue, and Beijing operates with no real police presence and with a virtually free press. In Tiananmen Square, the atmosphere is jubilant, but at government headquarters, Deng Xiaoping is devising a new offensive to end the protest. Armed troops will be sent in from every military district in the country.
  • The Assault Begins

    The Assault Begins
    As word spreads that hundreds of thousands of troops are approaching from all four corners of the city, Beijingers flood the streets to block them, People set up barricades at every major interstion. At 10:30 p.m., near the Muxidi apartment buildings, citizens become aggressive as the army tries to break through the barricades. They yell at the soldiers and some throw rocks; someone sets a bus on fire. soldiers start firing on the unarmed civilians with AK-47s loaded with battlefield amunition.
  • The Massacre Continues

    The Massacre Continues
    At about 1:00 a.m., the People's Liberation Army finally reaches Tiananmen Square and waits for orders from the government. The soldiers have been told not to open fire, but they have also been told that they must clear the square by 6:00 a.m.(no exceptions), many leave. Later that morning, some peopletry to re-enter Tiananmen Square via Chang'an Boulevard. The soldiers order them to leave, and when they don't, open fire, taking down dozens of people at a time.
  • A Moment That Fascinated the World

    A Moment That Fascinated the World
    At midday, as a group of tanks slowly moves along Chang'an Boulevard toward Tiananmen Square, an unarmed young man carrying shopping bags suddenly steps out in front of the tanks. Instead of running over him, the first tank tries to go around, but the young man steps in front of it again. They repeat this maneuver many times before the tank stops. The young man climbs on top of the tank and speaks to the driver and jumps back down again. the young man goes to the side of the road and disapears.