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    Thomas Reading Log

  • Man Eater

    This book is written by Justin D'ath and it's about how a young boy is in the jungle. He has to travel through the jungle where he encounters all sorts of animals and has to figure out a way of dealing with them. This is just one book of many in the series. I did not really enjoy this book. I read it because I had read his books before but it didn't really hook me in. The text was simple and had no real challenge. It was quite boring I think I have changed what I like reading.
  • The Way It Was

    This book is written by Tom Brough and is a biography of himself. It starts from his ancestors to his child hood helping his father on the farm.To shearing his first sheep then going on to his national shearing fame. Also on his travels to different countries hunting.
    I really enjoyed this book because it grabbed my attention. I thought it was interesting and a good challenge to read. It had complex language and I could memorise myself right there.
  • The Power Of One

    Counts as 2 books.
    The power of one is written by Bryce Courteny and is based on true facts of the South African racism. It is about a boy who has a different nationality to the others it is war and the others pick on him. He has to fight through being beaten by other kids and the torment of the war. But his ambition in life is to become the wealter weight champion of the world.
    I did not really enjoy this book because it was so complex and I do not like reading these sorts of books.
  • Battler

    Battler is a book written by Sandy Thorne and is based on a family who lives on the Australian backroads. The family does not own a farm but survives with there sheep moving around the roads hoping one day they win a ballot farm. This book is full of funny adventures. I enjoyed this book because it kept me interested and is easy to read. This book did not take long to get me hooked. I would reccommend this to a teenager or older I thought this was an awesome book.
  • Dog Tucker

    Dog Tucker is a book about how a young teenage boy who is constantly in trouble and running away from homes. He is put in a home where he rescues a horse that is about to get sent to slaughter for losing a race. In this new home he has a busy schedule with home schooling and looking after the horse.There are many challenges he needs to overcome. I think this is a great book that is easy to read and has good easy vocab. The book does not take long to hook you in.
  • Crocodile Nest

    This is a book written by the kiwi Des Hunt who bases his stories in NZ. Although this one is mainly in Australia it is action packed to the max. The book is about a kiwi boy who start a job for an old lady helping her with a computer. He does not know his father because he ran away at birth but he gets hints and goes off looking for him in Australia. Runing around the dangerous croc ridden places he runs in to many challenges.
  • The Adventures of Huckilberry Fin

    This book is based in the olden days with two mischeif boys stealing basic nessities before heading on an adventure to escape there past places. I think the book was cool but the text was hard in some places to understand being from the olden days. Some of the words were difficult to comprehend. But overall I think it was a good book . I think only more experienced readers would understand and be able to read this book.
  • The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas

    This book I did not enjoy. It is about a boy whos father works for the Russian army and how they move and his son sees this boy. He is a captive who is a slave. I did not enjoy this book because it had no real plot I was waiting for a stand out moment but it just fininshed. I think it was also quite complex but that was good. Overall I would not read it again.
  • The BFG

    I do not know why I read this book. It is about about a giant who picks up a girl and takes her to his cave and all this other fairy tales. I enjoyed this book when I was 10 but now it is boaring and simple.I would recommend this book to 10 to 12 year olds. This time I did not enjoy it.
  • Off The Track

    Off the Track is a funny book full of great stories.It follows a great NZ man on his hunting stories full of laughter and the sometimes unbelievable adventures. I think this book was a great read it always kept you interested with a new chapter for a new tale. I think any semi experienced readers could read this book. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10.
  • The Falcons Maltesers

    The Falcons Maltesers was a good book. It was about a boys boaring life turned dangerous and thrilling. He found a bock of maltesers but it was what was inside that dectives and criminals want. He does not even know. He goes on all sorts of adventures. I liked this book but it was hard to understand at the start but other than that it was alright. I would recomend this book to people from 12 years and up.
  • Journey Of 1000 Miles

    This book was harsh but in some terms this is waht people did. This book is about how a group of families go on a massive journey in a tiny boat across the ocean at any cost. All for a better life they risk anything and put it all on the line for freedom. I thought this book was well written. I think only more experienced readers would get this book. This was one of my favourite books.