Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996)

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  • Thomas Kuhn and Normal Science

    Thomas Kuhn and Normal Science
    “Chapter 2.1: Thomas Kuhn, Normal Science.” YOUTUBE,
  • Thomas Kuhn and the Copernican Revolution

    Thomas Kuhn and the Copernican Revolution
    Thomas Kuhn graduated from Harvard University in 1943 and continued to heighten his educational prowess through the years. He spent many years as a professor for a multitude of different schools and published his first book while serving as an astrology professor by the name of Copernican Revolution. This astrology based theory and although this book challenged much of what Newton's theory the biggest take from this book was the start to a newer and bold theory of science, The Paradigm Effect.
  • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
    The structure of scientific Revolutions was a published series in the International Encyclopedia of Unified Science. This was an extremely controversial series due to support of recent scientist Karl Popper and his theory of falsification. This was the start to Thomas Kuhn becoming a household name within the science community. Kuhn's theory was essentially the a new form of science that consisted of 4 phases; Pre-paradimatic phase, normal science, crisis, and scientific revolution.
  • Scientific Change

    Scientific Change
    Scientific change was categorized differently within the process that was produced by Thomas Kuhn. It was split between normal science and revolutionary science. The Stanford wrote the following in reference to the differences between the two,"normal science does not suffer from the conceptual discontinuities that lead to incommensurability whereas revolutions do. Revolutions are particularly significant and reasonably rare episodes in the history of science.
  • Thomas Kuhn and Recognition

    Thomas Kuhn and Recognition
    Thomas Kuhn's accomplishments were well noted and his new theory on the philosophy of science had already begun to take a life of its as own. Scientist across the world were using his method of new science. As we move throughout the decades and generations science should build upon itself. Thomas Kuhn had made history and recognition had started to show through him being awarded the George Sarton Award which is awarded to the an historian of science. Thomas Kuhn was a historian of science.