this day in history

  • Sep 20, 1519

    magellan sailed around the world

    in three years after leaving one of the ships returned it was the first ship to sail around the world. Magellan didn't set out to sail around the world he was trying to find a short sea route to the Indies.
  • george washington laid a fondation for the capitol building

    The Capitol building is an important government building and is a symbol of the United States of America. The U.S. Congress meets in the Capitol building and is located on Capitol Hill
  • captian oliver perry fired upon the british navy and in 15min he turned a defeat into a victory

  • francis scott key wrote the star spangled banner while watching the british navy bomb fort Mchenry during the war of 1912

  • jesse james wasborn a became one of the most famous bank robbers in america

  • william sydney porter was a great writer who was accused of stealing money as a bank clerk

  • james garfield assinated

    James Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881 in Washington D.C. at a train station. He was shot in the back and doctors couldn't find the bullet so they called Alexander Graham Bell to use his metal detector.
  • george eastman received patent for first roll-film camera

    received patent for first roll-film camera
  • jane adams opened fisrt hull house in america

  • the first fight under the queensberry rules was faught

  • first death by plane

    Thomas Selfridge, a lieutenant, was the victim of the first death caused by an airplane at Fort Myer, Virginia
  • walter reed was born in 1851 and was looking for the "yellow fever" . when the u.s entered WWI in 1917 john pershing was put in charge of the american army

  • throwing away the world series

    The World Series was played by the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds. The eight members took money from gamblers to lose against the Reds
  • jesse owens became known as the worlds fastest man in berlin germany

  • jim henson

    Jim Henson was the creator of The Muppets
  • kennedy and nixon

    President Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy had the first presidential election debate on televison in Chicago
  • warren commission

    The Warren Commission was set up by President Lyndon B. Johnson. It was set up to look into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
  • sandra day o'conor

    sandra day o'conor was the first women of the supreme court She was nominated by President Ronald Reagan and accepted by the Senate.
  • first american gasoline automobile

    The test drive went down Spruce Street in Springfield, Massachusetts.After 25 feet the machine stalled, the driver, Frank Duryea, restarted it and it traveled 200 feet