Theodore Roosevelt and the Panama Canal

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  • French Abandon Operation

    French Abandon Operation
    The French abandon an unsuccessful attempt to build a canal through Panama.
  • Senate Approves

    Senate Approves
    The U.S. Senate votes in favor of the canal and authorizes the government to build it.
  • Columbia Declines

    Columbia Declines
    The United States offers a treaty to Columbia. They decline due to unacceptable financial terms. It would have provided the U.S. with the land and rights to build a canal through Panama.
  • Panama Revolution

    Panama Revolution
    Roosevelt sends U.S. warships to Panama City to help Panama declare its independence from Columbia.
  • Panama Independence

    Panama Independence
    Panama declares independence
  • Panama Permission

    Panama Permission
    Panama negotiates a 10 mile strip of land for a canal with the United States for over 10 million.
  • French Property

    French Property
    The U.S. acquires French property relating to the canal for $40 million.
  • Construction Begins

    Construction Begins
    Construction on the canal begins.
  • Roosevelt Visits

    Roosevelt Visits
    President Theodore Roosevelt travels to Panama and becomes the first U.S. president to travel abroad while in office.
  • Canal Completion

    Canal Completion
    The canal officially opened on this day.