Theodore Roosevelt- 1912

  • Vice President Theodore Roosevelt

    After the asassination of Mckinley Roosevelt (who was vice president) ran for president.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt

    President Theodore Roosevelt
    At the age of 42 Roosevelt is elected president. He was our 26th president and the youngest in our nation's history.
  • Chinese exculsion act

    Congress signs act that prohibits chinese laborers from the phillipines.
  • Crater Lake National Park

    President establishes Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
  • department

    Congress signs a bill creating department of commerce and labor
  • Working Hours

    New York Supreme Court rules limiting state laws are illegal.
  • Ending the war

    Portsmouth treaty signed ending the russin Japenese war.
  • Nobel Peace

    Roosevelt wins the Nobel peace prize for ending the russio japenese war of 1905.
  • Panic of 1907

    Panic of 1907 begins when the shares of the United Copper Company begin to fluctuate. Rumors spread affecting several New York banks. Panic sets in wich destablishes the foundation of the American Banking System.
  • Child Labor

    Law against child labor passes for the district of columbia.
  • Ford

    Ford intruduces Model T
  • Goodbye Roosevelt

    Roosevelt's presidency ends. Howard Traft becomes americas twenty seventh president.
  • Girl Scouts

    First girl scouts troop formed.
  • Speech

    On the day Roosevelt was on his way to deliver a speech for his chance to be elected president again he is shot outside of his hotel. Depite this, Roosevelt insits of giving his speech since it was only a flesh wound. Unforchantly Roosevelt loses this election.