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  • Lunar Orbiter

    Lunar Orbiter
    The Lunar Orbiter is launched Between 1966 and 1967 to take pictures of the moon
  • Lunar Orbiter

    Lunar Orbiter 1 was in an elliptical near-equatorial lunar orbit 92.1 hours after launch.
  • Lunar Orbiter

    Lunar Orbiter
    The first full picture of the whole Earth was taken by Lunar Orbiter 5 in August, 1967.
  • Pictures of Earth

    Pictures of Earth
    During the Lunar Orbiter missions, the first pictures of Earth as a whole were taken; beginning with Earth-rise over the lunar surface by Lunar Orbiter 1 in August,1966.
  • Moon

    Moon first three missions were ordered to spot at least 20 landing sites based on Earth based observations. The first three were flown at low inclined orbits. The fourth and fifth missions were devoted to fly high altitude polar orbits. Lunar Orbiter 4 photographed the entire nearside and 95% of the far side. The Lunar Orbiter 5 finished the far side of the moon and received medium.
  • Today

    Today more advanced Orbiters have been produced.
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