The Womens' Rights Movement: Contraceptives

By catzore
  • Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling on Contraceptive

    In Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme
    Court legalizes the use of contraceptives
    by married couples — five years after oral
    contraceptives became
    available to American
    women. The ruling will
    be extended to single
    women in Eisenstadt v.
    Baird (1972). Margaret
    Sanger, a feminist and
    family planning activist, advocated legalization of con
  • Supreme Court Establishes Abortion Right

    In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decides
    that a woman has a constitutional right
    to choose whether to have an abortion or
    carry her pregnancy to term, effectively
    nullifying anti-abortion laws in 46 states
  • Employment Discrimination Against Pregnant Women Banne

    T h e P r e g n a n c y Di s c r imi n a t i o n Ac t
    ensures that employment discrimination
    on account of pregnancy is treated as unlawful sex-based discrimination. As a result, employers cannot question potential
    hires about their plans to have children and
    have to extend benefits equally.