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Gay Rights

  • The firts gay rights organization

    the society of human rights became the Countries earliest gay rights organization
  • Bring gay rights to publics eye

    Alfred Kinsey publishers Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which brought the public’s attention to homosexuality
  • the Mattachine Society was formed

  • The Daughters of Bilitis was formed

    It was the first lesbian rights organization
  • the first state to dicrimalize homosexual acts

    Illinois became the first state to decimalized homosexual acts
  • the National Transsexual Counseling Unit was established

    It was the first transgender organization
  • the stone well riots transformed the gay rights movements

    It started when police raid a gay bar in New York and the patrons fought back.
  • the American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its official list of mental disorders

  • Harvey Milk runs for city supervisor for San Francisco

    Opposes involvement in personal sexual matters
  • Harvey was appointed to the Board of Permit Appeals

    which made him the first openly gay commissioner in the U.S., and he decides to run for California State Assembly and Moscone fired him.
  • Miami Florida makes sexual orientation discrimination illegal

  • Harvey wins to go into San Francisco board of supervisors

    sponsors a civil rights bill that outlaws sexual orientation discrimination.
  • the national March on Washington for lesbian and gay rights

    75000 people participate
  • the Democratic National Convention

    democrats took a stance supporting gay rights
  • Wisconsin became the first state to outlaw discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation

  • the city of Berkeley, California becomes the first city to offer on the basis of sexual orientation

  • the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy was instituted

    the army permitted gays to serve but banning homosexual activity.
  • Romer v. Evan

    the Supreme Court took away Colorado’s amendment 2, which denied gays and lesbians protection discrimination.
  • Vermont became the first state to legally recognize civil union

  • same sex marriage became legal in Massachusettes

  • Lawrence v. Texas

    U.S Supreme Court rules in Lawrence v. Texas which said that sodomy is unconstitutional.
  • Massachusets said preventing gay marrage was unconstitutonal

  • civil union became legal in Connecticut.

  • civil unions became legal in New Jersey

  • the house of representatives approves a bill

    it made sure that gays have equal in the work place.
  • Oregon passes a law

    it allowed same sex couples to be domestic partners
  • the California Supreme Court rules that same sex couple have a right to marry

  • Supreme Court on Connecticut ruled

    that same sex couples have the right to marry
  • votes in California, Arizona, Florida

    Approved the passage of measures that ban same sex marriage. Arkansas passed a measure that stopped gays and lesbians from adopting children
  • Iowa rejected the law banning same sex marriage

  • Vermont legislator veto a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry

  • Maine legalized same sex marriage

  • New Hampshire governor signs legislation allowing same sex marriage

  • president Obama signed a referendum

    It allowed same sex partners of federal employees to receive benefits
  • congress approved a law

    It legalizes same sex marriages in the District of Columbia
  • Vaughn Walker rules that preposition 8 violates the 14th amendment

  • the U.S senate votes

    they voted in favor of repealin the dont ask, dont tell policy
  • New York passes a law that allows same sex marriage

  • he Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California rules

    They ruled that proposition 8 is unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.
  • Washington legalize gay marriage

  • Maryland legalized gay marriage

  • the Supreme Court begins a debate over gay marriage

  • governor Lincoln Chafee signs same sex Marriage into a law

  • Obama supports same sex marriage

  • Minnesota passed a bill that legalized same sex marriage

  • he Supreme Court came to a decision

    the decision was the Defense of Marriage act is unconstitutional
  • New Jersey legalized same sex marriage

  • llinois legalized same sex marriage

  • Hawaii legalized same sex marriage

  • Jason Collins announces that he is gay

    He bacame the first openy gay athlete