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The History of LGBTQ Rights

  • Stonewall Riots

    Stonewall Riots
    The Stonewall Riots were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations against a police raid that took place on June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, New York City. It is regarded as the first major protest for LGBTQ rights.
  • First Marches

    First Marches
    The first Gay Liberation Day March is held in New York City, as well as the first LGBTQ Pride Parade in Los Angeles.
  • Defense of Marriage Act & Hawaii Court Ruling

    President Clinton signs the Defense of Marriage Act banning federal recognition of same-sex marriage. He established the first definition of marriage as “a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.”
  • Vermont Supreme Court

    Rules that gay and lesbian couples should be given the same rights as heterosexual couples
  • Massachusetts Supreme Court

    Rules that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional
  • First Marriage Licenses

    In San Francisco, close to 4,000 couples get their first marriage licenses. The California Supreme Court eventually orders San Francisco to stop issuing marriage licenses. The nearly 4,000 marriages are soon nullified by the California Supreme Court
  • Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage

    Massachusets legalizes same-sex marriage, it is the first state to do so
  • Superor Court Rules California Marriage Limit Unconstitutional

    California's law that limits marriage to union between a man and a woman is ruled unconstitutional
  • California Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage- Later Vetoed

    The California legislature passes a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. California governor​ Arnold Schwarzenegger later vetoes the bill.
  • Texas Bans Same-Sex Marriage

    Texas becomes the 19th state to adopt a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage
  • Same-Sex Marriage In Massachusetts

    The highest court in Massachusetts rules that same-sex couples cannot get married in Massachusets unless same-sex marriage is legal in their home states
  • Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage In 8 States

    A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is passed in 7 states, except for Arizona
  • California Supreme Court

    California Supreme Court rules that the state's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional
  • Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Connecticut

  • Vermont Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

  • Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Iowa

  • Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Maine

    Voters strike down the law in November 2009
  • Memorandum For Same-Sex Partners of Federal Employees

    President Obama signs a memorandum granting some benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees
  • Washington DC Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

  • Massachusetts Rules Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

    Judge Joseph Tauro of Massachusets rules that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional because it interferes with a state's right to define marriage
  • Obama Administration & Defense of Marriage Act

    Obama administration instructs the Justice Department to stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act in court
  • Military Chaplains Perform Same-Sex Ceremonies

    Military Chaplains Perform Same-Sex Ceremonies
    The US Department of Defense issued new guidelines allowing military chaplains to perform same-sex ceremonies
  • Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

    Obama is the first sitting president to issue a statement supporting same-sex marriage. He feels the legal decision should be up to the states
  • First Time Same-Sex Marriage Is Approved By Popular Vote

  • Marriage Equality Act Signed In Washington

    Same-sex marriage is legalized the next day
  • Minnesota Governor Signs Bill Giving Same-Sex Couples The Right To Marry

  • US Treasury Department & Tax

    The US Treasury Department rules that legally married same-sex couples will be treated the same for tax purposes, regardless of what state they live in
  • Pat Ewert & Venita Gray Become First Same-Sex Couple To Marry In Illinois

    Pat Ewert & Venita Gray Become First Same-Sex Couple To Marry In Illinois
  • Utah Federal Judge Declares Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

  • Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Same-Sex Marriage In Utah

    Days later, State officials announce that the more than 1,000 marriages performed in prior weeks will not be recognized
  • US District Judge Strikes Down Virginia's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

  • District Judge Strikes Down Texas's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

  • Utah Marriages

    A federal appeals court rules that about 1,300 marriages performed earlier in the year must be recognized by Utah
  • Obergefell v Hodges.

    The US Supreme Court hears arguments in this case. The court ruling will decide whether states can constitutionally ban same-sex marriage
  • Obergefell v Hodges

    Obergefell v Hodges
    In a 5-4 ruling, same-sex marriage is legalized nationwide
  • Trump's Transgender Military Ban Goes Into Effect

    The Trump administration effectively banned transgender people from joining the military. The more than 14,000 already serving will be allowed to do so openly.