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American War of Independence

  • First Continental Congress

    56 representatives from every state except Georgia meet in Philadelphia.
  • Prepare for War

    John Hancock and Joseph Warren make preparations for war in a congress meeting in Cambridge, Mass.
  • The Shot Heard Around the World

    General Gage orders 700 British soldiers to destroy the Americans' weapons depot.
    One unordered shot started the revolution.
  • Period: to

    American War of Independence

  • Americans Fight Back

    13,600 American soldiers are mobilized and march towards Boston
  • Second Congress

    John Hancock is elected as the Congress's president, and George Washington is appointed General of the New Continental Army.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The first major conflict between the Americans and British. The British lose half of their force of 2000, The Americans lose 400, including Gen. Joseph Warren.
  • Boston Changes Hands

    The Americans capture Dorchester Heights overlooking Boston. The British evacuate. Washington rushes to New York to set up defences
  • America Declares it's Independence

    Richard Henry Lee proposes the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson finishes the first draft in one day. Changes are made by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.
  • We are Independent!

    U.S. Declaration of Independence is presented to the public. This is regarded as "The Birth of America"
  • Great Defeat!

    General Washington is defeated by Gen. Howe of the British as he is outnumbered two to one. He avoids another direct conflict by a series of sneaky retreats.
  • Oh look! San Fran!

    Spanish Missionaries establish San Francisco on the West Coast.
  • More Victories for the British

    Fort Washington is captured by General Howe, and Fort Lee is captured by Gen. Cornwallis. 3000 American casualties are suffered.
  • Another Victory for the British

    The naval base located at Newport, Rhode Island is captured by the British
  • Christmas Victory

    The Americans cross the Delaware River and take Trenton, NJ.
  • A Second Victory for Washington

    The Americans defeat the British at Princeton, pushing them back to New Brunswick.
  • Tides Turn

    General Burgoyne of the British Army takes Fort Ticonderoga
  • Change of Plans

    Gen. Howe marches towards Philadelphia with 15,000 men, defying the original plan to surround New England.
  • Congress Moves

    British General Howe takes Philadelphia, the Congress is forced to move to York, Pennsylvania.
  • A great embarrasment

    General Burgoyne and his army of 5,700 men surrender to the Americans.
  • Here is Your Teacher!

    Baron von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge to train General Washington's men.
  • A Chance at Peace

    The British create a peace commision. The commision travels to Philadelphia, promising all of the Americans' wishes, except independence. It is rejected by congress.
  • False Fear

    Gen. Clinton, fearing a French blockade, withdraws out of Philadelphia, which is retaken by the Americans. General Clinton instead heads towards New York.
  • General Washington's Plan

    Washington sends troops to intercept the Americans.
  • Home Sweet Home

    Congress returns to Philadelphia.
  • About Time!

    France declares war on Britain
  • Southern Campaign

    The British start a southern campaign by capturing Savannah and Augusta.
  • Everybody Hates Us!

    Spain also declares war on Britain, but does not ally with the Americans.
  • Do We Have To?

    General Washington sets up camp at Morristown, New Jersey. This results in low morale and multiple attempts at mutiny.
  • That Was SO Bad.

    The US suffer the biggest loss of the Revolutionary War, The British capture Charleston and the entire southern American army.
  • All Men are Born Free and Equal

    This includes black slaves.
  • A Year for Loss

    General Gates is defeated by British General Cornwallis in South Carolina.
  • Goodbye, Gates!

    General Nathanael Greene, Washington's most capable General replaces General Gates in the South.
  • Luck Improves

    The Americans defeat the British at Cowpens, South Carolina.
  • Take That!

    General Cornwallis suffers heavy losses in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina. He stops trying to capture the Carolinas.
  • Narrow Escape

    Thomas Jefferson narrowly avoids the British and is not captured at Charlottesville Virginia.
  • We'll Rest Here for Now

    General Cornwallis sets up camp to let his 10,000 troops rest at Yorktown, Virginia.
  • Let's Do This Instead

    General Washington abandons his attack on New York to attack Yorktown after he recieves a letter from French Admiral Count de Grasse saying that his fleet of French ships will come down the Chesapeake Bay, near Cornwallis.
  • Battle at Sea

    French Admiral de Grasse's run into ships of the British fleet under the command of Adm. Thomas Graves. The British are outnumbered and defeated.
  • The Siege of Yorktown

    General Washington and 17,000 men begin the Siege of Yorktown. British supplies are very low.
  • British Surrender

    As Yorktown is about to be taken, The British raise a flag of truce. General Washington and Cornwallis discuss surrendering matters.
  • All in Favor?

    The British house of commons votes against further conflict in America.
  • The End

    Britain officially declares an end to the war in America.