The Walt Disney Company

  • The Disney Brothers Studio

    This date is considered the start of the Disney company first known as The Disney Brothers Studio.
  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse comic strip debuts.
  • Mickey Mouse Cartoon

    The first Mickey Mouse cartoon in colour is released
  • Walt Disney Music Company

    Walt Disney Music Company is formed
  • Treasure Island

    Treasure Island, Disney's first completely live-action feature, is released.
  • Disneyland Television

    Disneyland television show airs on ABC
  • Mickey Mouse Club

    Mickey Mouse Club debuts on television.
  • Walt Disney World Resort

    Walt Disney World Resort opens with the Magic Kingdom and two hotels near Orlando
  • Tokyo Disneyland

    Tokyo Disneyland, the first international Disney theme park, opens in Japan.
  • The Disney Channel

    The Disney Channel begins broadcasting
  • Disney Store

    The first Disney Store opens, in Glendale, California.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average

    The Walt Disney Company joins the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  • Hyperion Books

    Hyperion Books, a Disney publishing company, releases its first book, Amazing Grace.
  • Euro Disneyland

    Euro Disneyland, the first Disney theme park in Europe, which was later renamed Disneyland Paris, opens
  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast, the first Disney Broadway show, opens in New York.
  • Disney Interactive

    Disney Interactive, a division first intended to develop, market, and distribute cartridge games and CD-ROM software, is formed
  • Capital Cities/ABC

    Disney agrees to purchase Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion.
  • Disney Interactive

    Disney Online, a division of Disney Interactive created to develop The Walt Disney Company's online presence, is formed.
  • The Disney Channel

    The Disney Channel begins operation in the UK.
  • Fox Family Channel

    Disney acquires Fox Family Channel and renames it ABC Family.
  • Baby Einstein

    Disney acquires Baby Einstein, a company that creates products that bring the arts and humanities to babies.
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Disneyland opens