The Veldt

  • The nursery

    Lydia is trying to convince George that there is something wrong with the nursery or the children.
  • Checking it out

    George and Lydia walk into the nusery and realize their kids have been thinking about death. Lydia is extremely scared and wants to call a psychologist.
  • Trying to solve it

    Lydia tries to cinvince George to shut down the nursery and the rest of the Happylifehome. George he agrees to shut down the nursery for a couple of days,
  • Kids come home

    George and Lydia are having dinner and the kids walk in coming from the carnival full of icecream and hotdogs. They sit and watch their parents eat.
  • Kids vs Parents view

    George asks the kids about the nursery and they dont know what he is talking about. They claim that there is no africa in there and Wendy went into the room and says that it is not Africa. There was a green forest with colors and butterflies.
  • Bedtime

    George demands that the kids go to bed, and George encounters his old wallet that was smeared with blood from the lions from Africa. He discusses the change with Lydia and they decide that Wendy changed the room with her thoughts when she went in. George apologizes for buying the nursery for the children.
  • The scream

    George and Lydia hear a scream from the kids. They try really hard to ignore the scream and stay in bed, but Peter comes into their room. Peter asks if they are going to take away the nursery and says " I wouldn't want the nursery to be locked up...ever". and tries to threatne them. They all discuss the Africa situation and shutting down the house.
  • Psychologist

    The next day David, the psychologist, comes to their house and he inspects the nursery. The psychologist says that the nursery is very bad for the children's mental health. the psychologist strongly advises the parents to close the nursery and send the children to his clinic to get therapy.
  • Shutting off the house

    After the psychologist visits the parents finally decide to shut off the entire house. The children throw a temper tantrum. The parents tell the children that they are moving to Iowa and the children ask if they can hve one more minute in the nursery.
  • The final visit to the nursery

    The children lock their parents in the nursery so the lions can kill the parents. The psychologist comes by later and the children act like nothing happen and offer the psychologist a cup of tea.