Al parker the veldt ray bradbury 1950

The Veldt

  • Exposition

    George and Lydia are the parents of two kids, Peter and Wendy. They live in a smart house where the nursery is virtual and the kids spend too much time in it watching Africa, Lydia thinks it is bad for the kids.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    George and Lydia walk into the nursery and find out that what the kids have been doing in that virtual room was looking at Africa. The lions are killing eating other animals and it is very violence. Lydia came out of the nursery and she was really scared because of that room and she thinks that the kids should not be watching this.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    George and Lydia ask the kids why there Africa is in the nursery, but they lie and say that there is no Africa in the nursery. George tells the kids to go check the nursery because Africa is there. Wendy runs to the Nursery and changes Africa to a nice place. So the parents call a psychologist to come and tell them what is happening with the house and Africa in the nursery.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    The psychologist tells the George and Lydia that the kids are addicted to that room and they like the nursery more than they like their parents. So George finally figures out that the Nursery is bad for the kids and he shuts it down. The kids start freaking out and yelling to unlock the nursery for one minute.
  • Climax

    Lydia tells George to turn on the nursery for just one minute, so George turns it on then goes to change becasue they are going on a vacation. The kids yell and the parents go running to the nursery and the kids lock the door so the lions attack and kill the parents.
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    When the psycholpgist comes back Wendy offers him a cup of tea.
  • Resolution

    The kids are independent now and can do what ever they want.