The United States in World Affairs

By aruck27
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    The United Staes in World Affairs 1945-2005
  • Korean War-American troops help defend South Korea

    American troops help defend South Korea
  • Bay of Pigs-U.S. sponsored invasion of Cuba fails

  • Cuban Missile Crisis-U.S. forces Soviet Union to remove nuclear missiles from Cuba

  • U.S. build up of troops in Vietnam War

  • President Richard Nixon visits China and Soviet Union. Nixon and Brezhnev sign first Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty

  • Paris Peace Accords are signed, ending U.S. involvement in Vietnam War

  • OPEC places an embargo on oil to U.S. because of the nation's support for Israel in October War

  • U.S. signs treaty agreeing to return Canal Zone and control of canal to Panama by 1999

  • Camp David Accords-President Jimmy Carter sponsors peace talks between Egypt and Israel

  • U.S. establishes full diplomatic relations with China

  • In response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, U.S. places an embargo on sales of American grain to Soviet Union, boycotts Moscow Olympic Games, and delays completion of SALT II

  • President Ronald Reagan orders invasion of Grenada after a Marxist revolution in that Caribbean nation

  • Iran weapons deal- American public learns that U.S. secretly sold weapons to Iran in hopes of gaining release of American hostages in Lebanon

  • U.S. invades Panama and captures Manuel Noriega

  • Bush and Gorbachev hold summit in Washington, D.C

  • Persian Gulf War-U.S. lead multinational force ends Iraqi occupation of Kuwait

  • War on Terror-Attack on the U.S