The Trojan War

  • Jan 1, 1001

    Golden Apple

    Golden Apple
    Eris throws in a golden apple at a marriage between Thetis and King Peleus. Godesses fight for it as it is "For the fairest"
  • Period: Jan 1, 1001 to Dec 31, 1010

    The Trojan War

  • Jan 3, 1001

    Three Are Chosen

    The Gods and Goddesses narrow down the choices to Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena
  • Jan 5, 1001

    Paris Chooses

    The three goddesses bribe Paris, and he chooses Aphrodite
  • Mar 12, 1001

    Hera's Persuasion

    The armies stop fighting and almost make peace, but Hera persuades a man to shoot an arrow and make them continue to fight
  • May 19, 1001

    Greeks Fall Back

    The Greeks fight well, but Ares is fighting for Troy, and they cannot push forward, so they are pushed backwards
  • Aug 20, 1001

    Paris Meets Helen

    Paris goes to Greece and meets Menelaus's wife, Helen. Menelaus leaves for a day, he comes back and Helen and Paris are gone.
  • Oct 23, 1001

    Greece Assembles

    Everyone in Greece wants to help get Helen back, because they have all been together and want Helen for themselves.
  • Mar 1, 1002

    The First Battle

    Paris and Menelaus fight. Paris is almost killed, but saved by Aphrodite
  • Feb 5, 1003

    The Gods take Sides

    Trojans : Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Artemis,
    Greeks. Hera, Athena, Poseidon
  • Apr 20, 1004

    Zeus Picks a Side

    Zeus Picks a Side
    Zeus, being neutral, is approached by Achilles' mom, telling him to pick sides with the Trojans. He also forces Poseidon to go with him
  • Jun 21, 1004

    Trojans led by Prince

    The Trojans choose prince Memron as the Trojans new leader
  • May 26, 1005

    Patroclus steps in

    Patroclus, Achilles' friend, is sick of Achilles not fighting, so he puts Achilles' armor on and fights as him
  • May 26, 1005

    Hector Kills Patroclus

    Patroclus is killed by Hector, who thinks he is Achilles.
  • Jun 30, 1005

    Achilles Returns

    Achilles realizes he is the reason his friend is dead so he decides to go back and fight again. Hephaestus makes him amazing armor unlike any other
  • Aug 13, 1005

    Achilles Kills Hector

    Achilles Kills Hector
    Achilles has help from Athena in finding Hector. She distracts Hector by morphing into his brother and Achilles kills Hector with his own spear
  • Aug 13, 1005

    Achilles Disrespects Hector

    Achilles Disrespects Hector
    Achilles drags Hector around his chariot, mangling his body, angering the Trojans and the Gods
  • Sep 22, 1006

    Achilles kills the Prince

    Achilles kills the Trojan Prince, making them once again leaderless.
  • Jan 22, 1008

    Achilles is killed

    Achilles is shot in the heel by an arrow guided by Apollo. The heel hits him in the only weak spot on his body - his heel - and he bleeds out.
  • Mar 20, 1008

    Achilles Armor Choices narrowed down

    Achilles armor is decided it will go to either Ajax or Odysseus, the two best warriors.
  • Apr 5, 1008

    Odysseus gets the Armor

    Odysseus is chosen to get the armor, making Ajax mad.
  • Apr 5, 1008

    Ajax goes insane

    Ajax believes that the leaders fixed the vote, so he tries to kill them, but the Gods step in and make it seem like he is killing the leaders, but he is really killing the chickens. Ajax then kills himself to avoid shame.
  • Jul 21, 1009

    Paris is killed

    The arrows and bow of Hercules is given to the Greeks, which are used to kill Paris
  • Jan 1, 1010

    The Trojan Horse

    The Trojan Horse
    The Greeks make a huge hollow horse and put it up to the Trojans front gate. Meanwhile, the Greeks ships are being pulled behind an island to make it seem like they are retreating. One man is left to tell the story of the retreat.
  • Jan 2, 1010

    The Fall of Troy

    The Fall of Troy
    The Trojans bring the horse into the city and all go home to sleep. During the night the Greeks jump out of the horse and burn down the city, leaving it in ruins. The greeks sail back to Greece with Helen