The Story Of Us (4th)

  • Jan 1, 1095


    The crusades were a multitude of relgious wars. These wars were fought between the Muslim and Christians. Ironically, the priority of the war was to see who would win and take control of the Holy Land. The first crusade was led by the present pope of that time. That pope's name was Pope Urban II. These battles were fought from 1095-1291. The Crusades were important because it exposed the twisted thoughts of the Popes.
  • Jan 1, 1348

    Black Death

    Centuries ago, a fatal disease swept across the European population. It also struck Asia, although the Europeans took it hardest. In these times, plagues were considered casual. This one, however, took it to the extreme, and massacred an estimate of 25 million people. The disease was spread through rodents, and their level of cleanliness did not help in favor at all. The black death started in 1348. This was important because literally 1/3 of the population was erased.
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Christopher Columbus Voyages

    Christopher Columbus was a renowned explorer. He travelled with many others along his many voyages. Out of them all, there were about four total. These voyages took place from 1492 to 1502. One of his most famous and important discoveries wwas the fact that he was the man who discovered America; that is what ultimately makes his voyages relevant to history.
  • Jan 1, 1497

    Vasco Da Gama Voyage

    Vasco da Gama was another one of many explorers. He was a Portuguese explorer that held many achievements. He was known as the "Admiral of the Seas of Arabia, Persia, India, & and all the other Orients." The name was certainly well deserved when considering his remarkable success. On his very first voyage, he reached India by sea. What made this important, was the fact that he was the very first European to do so. ( On modern standards, this would consider him an 'OG'. )
  • Jan 1, 1513

    Ponce De Leon Expedition

    There were lots of Spanish explorers in the 1500s, some more important than others. One of the most famous, was an explorer that went by the name of Ponce De Léon. Ponce De Léon discovered several areas. One of those areas was Borinquen, which in present time, is now Puerto Rico, where he discovered gold and fortune. HIs most known disovery, however, was Florida, and was what made him important to our history.
  • Aug 31, 1517

    Posting 95 Theses

    Long ago, around the 1500s a man known as Martin Luther was getting tired of the unjust laws of the church. Lots of others had the same ideals as well, but none were brave enough to make an effort as large as he did. This man nailed a list of nearly a hundred complaints to the church's door, literally. This eventt was called "The 95 Theses" and it started a myriad of problems and events.This was important becuase someone was finally standing up for their views and rights without fear.
  • Jan 3, 1521

    Martin Luther Excommunication Continued

    It was important because it demonstrated the price Martin Luther paid to get his point across in the end.
  • Mar 3, 1521

    Martin Luther Excommunication

    During the tragic times of the 1500s, a man known as Martin Luther had stood up for his beliefs. He had posted what is now known as the "95 Theses" on the door of the church for everyone to seee. This, in short, was extremely disrespectful to the church. Of cpurse, this action would not go unpunished, so he paid for it dearly. The church excommunicated him, otherwise cut him off, from itself forever. Back then, this was comparable to death.
  • Aug 13, 1521

    Cortes Defeat The Aztecs

    During the early 1500s, the Aztec empire was under numerous attacks from Cortés and his people. Cortés led the spaniards in destroying and conquering many empires and tribes along the way they travelled. After two years of attacks and battles from Cortés, the Aztecs lost completely. This occured from February 1519, to August 13, 1521. The fall of the Aztecs was important because their ideals and traditions. However, that is the reason they were conquered.
  • Jan 1, 1533

    De Soto Voyage

    De Soto was one of many explorers to search our world long ago. He was not as well known as other explorers though, sadly. He also went on multiple voyages, although one stood out from the rest by far, and the main reason he is of importance to our history. This man was the very first European to witness the magnificent of the Missippi River. This took place in 1533.
  • May 19, 1536

    Anne Boleyn Beheaded

    The story of Anne Boleyn was a tragic one, First of all, Anne was one of King Henry's many wives, so if you know anything about King Henry's relationships, it's a well known fact that they never succeed in a happy ending. Anne was often accused of cheating on Henry, but it was not true, however. Despite this, he had her beheaded on May 19, 1536. Anne Boleyn's tory was important because it shows how corrupt the King was becoming.
  • Jamestown Est.

    Fortunately, not everything was negative in the centuries past. During those dark times, however, something bad always ended up occuring. The very first English colony in America was created during these times. The order was from King Henry I, and the colony endured many hardships and struggles. They say it was important because this is when/where the British empire began.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    In some of the toughest times there was long ago, this one stands above the rest. There were events known as witch trials. These were the "Salem Witch Trials." A time where hundreds of innocents were slaughtered. This was because they were convicted of being demons, in short. This event occured in 1692, and was important because it showd how bad times were back then.
  • Washington Kills French Ambassador

    A well known general during the French and Indian war, George Washington was sent on many tasks. One of the biggest of them always the time he was sent to negotiate. This war in 1753, in the rough times of the French and Indian war. However, Washington 'mistakingly' killed one of the French's ambassadors. This war important because it delayed the war by possibly a lot of time.
  • Albany Plan Of Union

    During the complex times of war, a rebellion should have been suspended long ago. This rebellion was known as the "Albany Plan of Union." It took place in 1754. As most predicted, they did not play kindly. In fact, their own motto was "Join or Die", decorated with a coiled snake or two. Although it did not succeed, it was important because it was the closest thing to an uprising there war.
  • Treaty Of Paris, 1763

    During 1763, numerous negativity was occuring across many areas. One of the biggest problems, was war. The current war was then between the French and Indian, thus, the French and Indian War. This war was also called the Seven Years' War. The treaty of Paris forced France to give up all it's territories in mainland North America. Finally putting a stop to the terrible war seemingly, this was considered highly important.
  • Proclomation

    The Proclomation was, in more than a few ways, controversial to different groups. This proclomation occured in 1763. This was near immediate after the French and Indian War. This basically removed barriers, which benefited, the colonists extremely. Another event that was brought upon with the Proclomation, which also represents it's importance, is that it even established and or helped four colonies all together.
  • Sons of Liberty

    Around the time of the Boston Tea Party, lots of major events were occuring. Events as critical as these are bound to have mixed results. One of those results, was the creation of the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty were, and still are, shrouded in mystery. They are important in our history though, because it is significantly believed, that they aided in the Boston Tea Party.
  • Boston Massacre

    Arguably one of the most important events that had occured long ago during the 1700s, The Boston Massacre affected a myriad of different things. Everyone sees it differently, however. While some may call it a plain murdering session, others may cal it a provoked attack. The painting it inspired, by Paul Revere, shows helpless citizens being shot down by red-coats. This was important, because it is what ultimately led to the Revolutionary War.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Out of all the events that had been occuring in the 1700s, one stood out from the rest by far. That event was known as the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was basically a large group of rebels dumping tea into the British's waters. Those rebels were known as the Sons of Liberty, and Samuel Adams. This act was important to our histroy because it brought the two sides even closer to war.
  • Valley Forge Winter

    The harsh and cruel Winter of 1777 brought unmatched negativity to the field in 1777-78. The Patriots were forced to fight against the icy cold torture with very litte to defend themselves. They contined to lose a streak of batlles and were now forced to flee west. Shortages of everything from food, to clothing, to blankerts, to protection, and medicine, existed. This was important because it shows us Washington's will to keep his soldiers up and going, no matter what.
  • Battle Of Yorktown

    The Battle of Yorktown was the final battle in the Revolutionary War. Famed general, Charles Cornwalis, had attempted to conquer Yorktown, but was greatly overwhelmed. He ended up being surrounded by George Washington and the French Army on a short notice. Having no escape, he surrendered. This ultimately is what led to the British thinking about the Peace Treaty, which is one reason it was important. This decisice victory occured on October 19, 1781.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    This is already a well known fact, but there was more than one Treaty of Paris. This second treaty was significantly more relevant, however. This treaty put an end to the Revolutionary War and gave America complete independence. This treaty was negotiated between the U.S. and Great Britain in 1783. It is also our TRUE indepence day, as opposed to July 4th.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    America was hitting fortune during the early 1800s. In 1803, President Jefferson purchased an enormous amount of land. That area of land was then known as Louisiana. The area reached 828,000 square miles in length and nearly doubled the size of America. Buying this area of land gave the U.S the MI River & New OR, which were both plentiful in agriculture, and that is why it is important.
  • Oregon Trail

    Many intriguing things were going on in the 1800s . One of the most relevant events happening though, was the trip from Missouri to Oregon. This trip was known as the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail held countless dangers and possibilities of death. What made this event so important, however, was that it helped the U.S expand. It also was a great jump in agriculture as well.
  • Trail Of Tears

    During 1838, it was well known that Andrew Jackson was the current president. Andrew Jackson made a very crucial decision in his time. That decision, was to evict the Cherokee forcefully from his nation. He forced them to migrate to the east, on a trail later known as the Trail of Tears. This trail was long and difficult, and led to many deaths of the Cherokee.
  • Trail of Tears (Continued)

    This was extremely shameful, as the Cherokee once aided Jackson. This showed a bad side of America in general; that is why it is so important.
  • Donner Party

    The oregon trail was very well-known during the 1800s. One specific detail that everyone knew about, however, was the danger and difficulty of the trip. One group of nearly 100 emigrants set west on the trail with the same hopes as all others. Eventually, they discovered a false 'shortcut', that ended up stranding them in the mountains.
  • Donner Party (Continued)

    The cold and snow trapped them in tents, and soon, they ran out of food. Later, they resorted to cannabilism, and were never heard from again until their bodies were recovered. This was important because it demonstrated just how dangerous the trail really was.
  • California Gold Rush

    Some of the most unbelievable events occured in the 1800s. One of these events, was known as the California Gold Rush. The Gold Rush was exactly what it sounds like. Thousands of people all over made their way to California in search of gold. It all started when a man discovered some, told a few workers, and there workers told even more people. Word spread around the country within a short time span. The Gold Rush was important because it ultimately made California into what it is today.
  • Assassination of Lincoln

    The late 1800s was a time of significant misfortune Numerous events shaped these tragic times. One of those events, was the death of a President. This death, was of Abraham Lincoln. This event took place immediately after the Civil War, basically. A man named John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln down at a play at a theater. This event was important because it was one of the many events that ultimately decided the North and South's fate.