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The case of Paulette Gebara Farah

  • Back to home

    Back to home
    That night, Paulette arrived home from Valle de Bravo, accompanied by her sister and her father, Mauricio Gebara. The little girls' mother, Lizette Farah, was waiting for their arrival to tuck them in and prepare them for bed. She did so. It was the last day she saw little Paulette.
  • Paulette's disappearance

    Paulette's disappearance
    In the morning, Erika, one of Paulette's two nannies, came to wake her up to take her to school and noticed her disappearance; she warned Mrs. Lizette and began the search in the building.
    Mauricio notified his sister of the child's disappearance, who reported the case to the authorities in Huixquilucan; later, the mayor notified the State of Mexico's Attorney General's Office.
  • Where is Paulette?

    Where is Paulette?
    The girl didn't show up, her family had searched the entire apartment and building. There were no signs of robbery or kidnapping. The housing complex was guarded, but no one saw anything. In addition, she was unable to go out alone because she had a motor and language disability.
  • Let everyone know!

    Let everyone know!
    In the afternoon, the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico disseminated a poster with the photo of the minor and some data that showed her age, appearance and physical deficiencies.
    Paulette's aunt, Arlette Farah, uploaded the photo of the little girl to social networks, where the news spread with great speed.
  • Paulette, come home...

    Paulette, come home...
    In the evening, Lizette called the alleged abductor, asked for her daughter to be returned to her and assured that there would be no reprisals.
    She handed out fliers with Paulette's face on them, had spectaculars put up, TV and public transportation ads.
    Mauricio also appeared in the media asking for the return of his daughter. He remembered that he had gone out to exercise on the morning of Monday, March 22, when Paulette had disappeared.
  • Something isn´t right...

    Something isn´t right...
    The Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico announced that it would root Mauricio and Lizette, as well as Erika and Martha Casimiro, Paulette's nannies, for falsehood and inconsistencies in their statements.
  • Let's go back to the beginning

    Let's go back to the beginning
    Paulette's parents spent a few hours at the Mexican attorney general's office and then were transferred to a hotel where they would fulfill their rooting. That same day, experts from the agency carried out the reconstruction of the events.
  • Paulette's finding

    Paulette's finding
    Around 2:00 a.m., Paulette's body was found lifeless in her own bedroom, a place previously visited by experts with trained dogs, and where the girl's mother had given interviews.
    The little girl had died of "mechanical asphyxiation due to nasal obstruction and thorax-abdominal compression".
  • I had nothing to do with it...

    I had nothing to do with it...
    Lizette initiated an amparo proceeding against the arraigo, claiming that she hadn´t intervened in the events that led to her daughter's death. Specialists indicated that the woman suffered from personality disorders. During the procedure, Mrs. Farah was given an indication.
  • Free at last

    Free at last
    A judge granted Paulette's parents and nannies their freedom. Mauricio left the hotel where he was staying at 10:20 am; Lizette, the main suspect, at 11:00 am, and Erika and Martha at noon.
  • You did it, but so did you

    You did it, but so did you
    In separate interviews, Mauricio and Lizette entered into a war of verbal accusations. While Lizette claimed that her husband blamed her for Paulette's death, he said that the death couldn´t have been just an accident and that he couldn´t get his hands on the fire for his wife.
  • Farewell to the little Po

    Farewell to the little Po
    Paulette's body was buried in Legaria's French Pantheon in Mexico City. The funeral procession was headed by the girl's mother, the Gebara family didn't come to the funeral because of an "agreement".
  • You will never see your daughter again!

    You will never see your daughter again!
    The Gebara family refuses to let Lizette see her other daughter, who has been with her father's family since Sunday, April 4.
  • Custody belongs to me

    Custody belongs to me
    The Federal District Attorney General's Office, which also collaborated in the case, granted custody of Paulette's sister to Lizzette, who filed a complaint against her husband demanding custody of the child.
  • Bye, bye Bazbaz...

    Bye, bye Bazbaz...
    Although he defended the investigation and conclusions of the case, Alberto Bazbaz resigned from his position as head of the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico; he said that a prosecutor's office needs confidence to act effectively and the dependence on his office had been lost due to the questioning of his performance in the investigations into the death of Paulette Gebara Farah.