The Spanish Inquisition

  • Sep 27, 1478

    The Spanish Inquisition Starts

    Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile two Catholic Monarchs established a tribunal called the Spanish Inquisition
  • Period: Sep 27, 1478 to

    The Spanish Inquisition

  • Nov 1, 1478

    The Pope and his Order

    On November 1, 1478, Pope Sixtus IV published the Papal bull, Exigit Sinceras Devotionis Affectus, through which he gave the monarchs exclusive authority to name the inquisitors in their kingdoms.
  • Sep 27, 1480

    The First Inquisitors

    The first two inquisitors, Miguel de Morillo and Juan de San Martín were not named, however, until two years later, on September 27, 1480 in Medina del Campo.
  • Feb 6, 1481

    The Auto-da-fé's

    The first auto-da-fé was held in Seville on February 6, 1481: six people were burned alive. From there, the Inquisition grew rapidly in the Kingdom of Castile. By 1492, tribunals existed in eight Castilian cities: Ávila, Córdoba, Jaén, Medina del Campo, Segovia, Sigüenza, Toledo, and Valladolid.
  • Witchcraft

    The witches of Zugarramurdi in Navarre were persecuted. During the auto-da-fé that took place in Logroño on November 7 and November 8, 1610, 6 people were burned and another 5 burned in effigy.
  • All information is from Wikipedia.