The Space Race

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  • Sputnik I

    Sputnik I
    means "traveler" in russian. first manmade thing in space. Launched by the USSR, about the size of basketballs, and shocked the world.
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    The Space Race

    The Space Race
  • First Animal in Space

    First Animal in Space
    second spacecraft launched into earth orbit, first living animal to ever go into space. launched by the russians. brought dog named Laika to death after entering space from stress and overheation. Still regretted by those who sent her up.
  • Explorer I

    Explorer I
    First American thing in space, discovered the Van Allen radiation belts that surround the earth. About six feet tall, followed Sputnick I.
  • First Man in Space

    First Man in Space
    The russians continue to beat america in the space race as they send Yuri Gregarin, a farm boy who became an exeptional pilot for the USSR army, into space for 108 minutes. He made a complete orbit around the earth, and was raised from a senior lieutenant to a Major during his flight. He would have flown again, if he did not die in a plane crash.
  • First American in Space

    First American in Space
    Although still behind the russians, the Americans keep close behind, and shortly after the first man orbits earth, the first american is sent into space for about 15 minutes. He did not orbit, but he did float in zero-G for 4 minutes. He traveles 300 miles.
  • First woman in Space

    First woman in Space
    Russian Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova piloted Vostok 6 into space, and stayed for three days. While on her mission, she conducted various tests on herself to collect data on how the female body reacts to spaceflight.
  • First man to "walk" in space

    First man to "walk" in space
    Russian Alekei Leonev is sent up, and with 45 min. of oxyen leaves his aircraft and "walks" for 12 minutes. His space suit expanded, and he had top take time to deflate it before re-entering the aircraft. He almost died.
  • Apollo I

    Apollo I
    Tragedy striked when, during a 24 hour capsule test, Apollo I ignited. An explosion occured and the door wouldn't open. Within 17 seconds, the entire crew was dead from suffucation due to the fire, Gus Grissem, ironically, was inside.
  • Apollo 7

    Apollo 7
    The race is still on, and while Apollos 2-6 were all tests, Apollo 7 became an american confidence booster. It was the first manned flight after the Apollo 1 tragedy, the first 3 manned flight ever, and the first manned flight to enter space in the Apollo program.
  • Apollo 10

    Apollo 10
    This mission was a "dry run" for Apollo 11, and had one purpose: to test all the procedures for the next mission of landing on the moon. Purposefully, NASA gave them a shortage of gas, so that if they indeed disobey orders and land on the moon, they would die.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Americans finally beat the Russians! This mission was the first landing of man EVER on the moon! Neil armstrong became a national hero instantly. America had won back its pride, the worls was mesmorized.
  • Apollo 12

    Apollo 12
    This mission was the second lunar landing in history, and they had to land in a specific spot in order to retreive a camera left by the first flight. When the camera was returned, bacteria left on years ago by the first astronauts was still alive, and therefore raised a scare among NASA that foreign diseases could, through returning astronauts, contaminate earth.
  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13
    This mission was planned to land on the moon, yet accidents occurred on the spacecraft, and all lunar missions were cancelled. Every possible resource had to be used to bring the astronauts home. And they did get back. Barely
    Apollo 13 is a movie. Watch it.
  • Apollo 15

    Apollo 15
    Was the first of the three "J" missions, and was designed to stay on the moon for a longer period of time, explore farther distances, and bring back more data with more technology and scientific materials.
  • Apollo 17

    Apollo 17
    This American space flight would be the last trip to the moon to this day. 12 people total, every single one American, have walked on the moon. While our spaceprogam remains on hold due to obama, many other countries are planning future lunar expiditions.apollo 17apap