The Son of Neptune (519 pages) Alex Montoya

  • first 100 pages

    Percy lost his memory and worked his way to Roman fighting camp, where he met two warriors. One was named Hazel and the other was Frank. Hazel and call any precious material from the ground and Frank can transform into whatever he wants. When he proved himself loyal they went on a journey to stop a giant from capturing "New Rome."
  • 200 pages

    Percy and his friends are traveling north to meet their doom, because in Alaska where the Giant lives he in invinsible.on their way there they incounter many demons who all want to suck out there brains and kill them all. To get help though, they go see a wizard who can see the future.
  • 300 pages

    Percy and his friends go and see a wizard who can see the future so he can tell them where the giant is. But he only will agree to help if Percy and his friends help him by capturing and harpy who is smaller and faster than the others. When they trick the evil wizard they find out the harpy is what prophicy reader, who can aslo some what see the future. they take her along and head farther to Alaska, only to encounter smaller giants trying to kill Frank's grandmother
  • 400 pages

    Frank and the gang take out the circle of giants that wanna kill him because they think they can take his powers. which means they are sadly mistaken. This is when Frank's grandmother tells them to run because Frank has not mastered his powers even a little so he excapes and hops on a plane North. PErcy left the Hapry though because she did not like planes and left her there for his brother (a cyclops) to find him. They arived at Alaska and then almsot drowned in mud.
  • 500 pages

    When they got to Alaska they went on a walk around a small town then Percy fell into a hole like quick sand. His friends jumped in after him and pulled him out, but Percy was scared becasue the a fortune that said the son of Neptune will drown. So after that he was never the same. After a long journey on a train When they got to Alaska Frank almost killed himself to try and free Death, who is like the reaper so when they killed monsters, they would not respawn so quickly.
  • 519 pages

    When they stalled the giants and dragged him out of Alaska and slayed him, they rushed back to New Rome to help the fight they had at hand. When they held them off a message came that said a peaceful war ship was coming to help and grab Percy and his new friends.