Smoky corridor cover pic

The Smoky Corridor- Kate Van Green

  • Exposition 1- Background

    Exposition 1- Background
    Zack Jennings can see ghost like the ones in the picture. He just moved that summer and is going to a new school.
    The Donnelly Bros had locked themselves in a hallway in front of Patrick Lee Cooper's (An old teacher) classroom so they could play with fire. But the fire spread and as they started dying, heroic Patrick Cooper tries to save them but locks himself in. Before they can be rescued, all three people die.
  • Expostion 2- Setting

    Expostion 2- Setting
    ~North Chester, CT
    ~Pettimore Middle School.
    ~Very recently
    ~It is in the beginning of the school year.
  • Exposition 3- Characters

    Exposition 3- Characters
    ~Zack Jennings- ghost seer, started fire to kill a ghost, is new
    ~Seth Donnelly- Creepy, obsessed with fire, is bullied by his older brother
    ~Joseph Donnelly- Seth's mean older brother, creepy, obsessed with fire.
    ~George Jennings- Zack's dad, kind, caring
    ~ Ms. Dubois- history teacher, nice, new to this school
    ~ Crumpler- Mean, crabby, takes everything offensively
    ~Wade- Geeky, lazy.
    ~Eddie- Mean middle aged man trying to get treasure.
    The Jennings Family is shown in the picture.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Zack looks for the bathroom and meets the Donnelly Brothers., who ask for matches and sing a song about a teacher shooting students. Then Mr. Crumpler comes and yells at him until Ms. Dubois comes and saves Zack.
    Meanwhile, Wade the Janitor explodes a wall to get Mr. Crumpler's approval and finds a secret tunnel. He is in the picture.
  • Exposition 4- Conflict

    Exposition 4- Conflict
    Captain Pettimore wants a new body so he can live with his stolen gold but he must push out his descendant's-who he doesn't know-soul.
    The Donnelly bros want to suffocate an adult as revenge for their murder but they don't have a way to do this.
    Eddie wants to find Pettimore's treasure but can't find it.
    Zack has to deal with a new school, the Donnelly bros, and whatever other ghosts are in the school.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    Zack goes to his new school and becomes enemies with Kurt Snertz, the big brother of a bully Zack turned into a wimp. However, Zack becomes friends with Malik, a smart African-American boy, and Azalea, a girl who dresses like a goth.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    Davy, the ghost that Zack met who used to be a farmboy, and Mr. Willoughby,the ghost of a chauffeur whose lief Zack had saved before the man died, warns Zack that there are two zombies he has to watch out for and protect people from.
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    Wade discovers Pettimore's labryinth in the root cellar and explores it. Unfortunately, he's bitten by McNulty (Pettimore's zombie and slave), escapes, and becomes a Zombie. When Seth, one of the Donnelly bros finds him, Wade becomes his slave.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    Zack helps many guardian ghosts aid the kid they're guarding, and in time he makes lots of friends.
  • Rising Action 6

    Rising Action 6
    The ghost of John Lee Cooper speaks through Madame Maire (A woman who claims she can speak to ghosts) and tells Eddie to find a young ghost seer to speak to John Lee Cooper's ghost to learn how to get the treasure.
  • Rising Action 7

    Rising Action 7
    Zipper, Zack's dog, runs away from home to hind Zack. Zipper does not know that Zack leaves for school everyday and confused, the dog follows his scent to Ms. DuBois's classroom. Mr. Crumpler saw Zipper but did not know it was Zack's so he called animal control, who will want to take Zipper to the pound, so Zack must hide him. Malik goes with Zack.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    While hiding Zipper in the root cellar, Zack and Malik find the stone with the weird writing on it and they decide to find the gold. Because they find the stone, they decide to find the gold, which creates the more events.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    After fleeing from Kurt Snertz in the girls' bethroom, Azalea convinces Malik and Zack to try to talk to Bloody Mary, but instead appears the ghost of Mary Jane Hopkins, wo tells Zack that Azalea is in danger of losing her soul.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    Zack tells Azalea that he can see ghosts. A worried Azalea tells Ms. DuBois, plans to take him on a test-run cemetary crawl that she plans to do with the class so she can get him to talk to John Lee Cooper to find out how to get the gold. She takes out a letter from Patrick Lee Cooper, who tells his grandmother how he plans to make Seth, who was also a ghost seer, talk to John Lee Cooper, shoot him and his brother Joseph, and make it look like a foolish accident that they caused.
  • Falling Action 3

    Falling Action 3
    Davy tells Zack not to trust Ms. Dubois no matter how nice she is. He tries telling Zack directly the other way to defeat a zombie besides fire (Zack almost burned down his house by using fire to kill a demon), but there are rules on what he can tell Zack, so he plays charades, and Zack learns the other way to kill zombies is to open their zoul jars.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    ~At the graveyard, Zack talks to John Lee Cooper's ghost and finds out how to get the gold. He does this because Eddie has a pistol on Zack's head. They go.
    ~Azalea's body is taken by Pettimore and in twenty-four hours, Azalea's soul will be crushed by Pettimore.
    ~Malik runs away in search of the treasure he and Zack learned about on the decoded stone.
  • Falling Action 5

    Falling Action 5
    Benny learns Zack is going to do something cool and he tells all of the people who Zack helped (in Rising Action 5) and they bombard Eddie with lots of questions about his pistol. This lets Zack leave and he finds Malik in the root cellar looking at the watches. They decode it to "If you be the new me, keep left to keep zombie-free," so they go left and run.
  • Resolution 1: The Donnelly Brothers, Eddie, and Ms. DuBois

    Resolution 1: The Donnelly Brothers, Eddie, and Ms. DuBois
    Eddie and Ms. Dubois (who are siblings) go to the root cellar to find and kill Zack. Eddie comes down first, so the zombie bites him and eats his brains, letting Ms. DuBois run away, always going left. The Donnelly Bros, searching for a human adult to suffocate in the smoke chamber, say that Zack went into the chamber. A jubilant Ms. Dubois runs into the smoke chamber, allowing Zombie Wade to lock her in and pump in the smoke, killing the teacher once and for all.
  • Resolution 2: Zack, Malik, and Azalea

    Resolution 2: Zack, Malik, and Azalea
    The Donnelly Bros let Zack and Malik pass into the chamber that the possessed Azalea went into. They find the soul jars, and McNulty's. They find the gold room. Azalea ordesr the zombie to attack, but Zack breaks the soul jar, allowing Wade to come back to life and lets McNulty die. Then the grandchild of Queen LaSheena (the voodoo queen who taught Pettimore voodoo) who is possesed by her grandma takes Pettimore's soul, forcing him to leave his body before he crushes Azalea's soul, who survives.
  • Resolution 3: George and Judy Jennings

    Resolution 3: George and Judy Jennings
    George and Judy plan to surpreise Zack at the cemetary crawl. They follow the path Zack takes to the place where the smoke chamber is, and when they get too close to Zack, Wade attacks them. George confesses he can see ghosts, and when Zack comes back they have a happy reunion
  • Resolution 4: In the end...

    Resolution 4: In the end...
    Unconscious Azalea and Wade are taken to the hospital. The Donnelly Bros are summoned to a hearing of their misdeeds and deeds when they were living. Eddie and Ms. Dubois did not make it. George, who proved that it was Mr. Crumpler's friend not his stealing milk, smugly forces Mr. Crumpler to give some gold to Malik to help his crippled mother and the rest to a charity Pettimore often donated to. No one but who was down in the root cellar and labyrinth knew what happened.