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    All about the Seventies

  • The Beatles Break- up

    The Beatles Break- up
    There were numerous causes for the Beatles' break-up. It was not a single event but a long transition, including the cessation of touring in 1966, and the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, in 1967, meaning the Beatles were personally involved in financial and legal conflicts.Ultimately, animosity made it impossible for the group to continue working together in the years following
  • Sources 1970

    Beatles Break-Up- (
    First Earth Day- (
    World Trade Center is Complete- (
    Best R&B Song Of The Year: (
  • The 1st Earth Day

    The 1st Earth Day
    We only have one earth, so we need to take care of her. That's what Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin believed. He was disturbed that an issue as important as our environment was not addressed in politics or by the media, so he created the first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970. An estimated 20 million people nationwide attended festivities that day.
  • Best r&b song of the year

    Best r&b song of the year
    I'll be there
    By: Jackson 5
  • World Trade Center Completed

    World Trade Center Completed
    Construction workers place the highest steel on the highest building in the world. New Yorkers will first hate it, then get used to it and eventually mourn its destruction. By the time this aerial view of the World Trade Center was taken in the late 1970s, the twin towers had already been surpassed as the world's tallest buildings.
  • Cigarettes banned from TV

    Cigarettes banned from TV
    The Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act was introduced into Congress in 1969, but it was not until April 1, 1970 when U.S. President Richard Nixon signed it into law. The actual cigarette advertising ban did not come into force until January 2, 1971, as per a compromise that allowed broadcasters to air these commercials during their telecasts of college football bowl games on New Year's Day.
  • VCR's Intoduced

    VCR's Intoduced
    The VCR format was introduced in 1972, just after the Sony U-matic format in 1971. Although at first glance the two might appear to have been competing formats, they were aimed at very different markets.The VCR system was easy to use and recorded in colour but was still expensive.
  • Best r&b song of the year

    Best r&b song of the year
    Let's stay together
    By: Al Green
  • Sources Of 1971

    VCR's Introduced: (
    Cigarette ads banned on TV: (
    Disney World Opens: (
    Best R&B Song Of The Year: (
  • Disney World Opens

    Disney World Opens
    On Friday October 1, 1971 - after seven years of planning - about 10,000 visitors converged near Orlando, Florida, to witness the grand opening of Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom, encompassing approximately 107 acres, featured Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, a Main Street USA, and about 5,500 Cast Members.
  • KKK riots in NYC

    KKK riots in NYC
    In Birmingham, Alabama, the Ku Klux Klan bombs the Sixteenth Street Baptist. 4 little girls names Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, & Cynthia Wesley died in that bombing that day.
  • Sources Of 1972

    Pocket Calculators introduced: (
    HBO Launched:(
    KKK Riots in NYC: (no need of resources already knew about it)
    Best R&B Song Of The Year:(
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    Couldn't It be Im Falling In Love
    By: The Spinners
  • Pocket calculators introduced

    Pocket calculators introduced
    An electronic calculator is a small, portable, usually inexpensive electronic device used to perform the basic operations of arithmetic.Pocket-sized devices become available in the 1970s, especially after the invention of the microprocessor developed serendipitously by Intel for a Busicom calculator.
  • HBO launched

    HBO launched
    HBO (Home Box Office) is an American premium cable television network, owned by Time Warner.HBO's programming consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original series, along with made-for-cable movies and documentaries, boxing matches, and occasional stand-up comedy and concert specials.
  • Sears Tower Built

    Sears Tower Built
    The Sears Tower is located on Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois.This massive tower was designed by the architecture firm of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill.This tower was completed in 1973. After this building was done being constructed the world had a new tallest building.The Sears Tower is 1,454 feet tall, and even taller (1707 ft.) when you include its twin antennas, that are each over two hundred feet tall. The Sears Tower is a massive 110 stories tall.
  • Abortion Legalized in US

    Abortion Legalized in US
    In the United States, the history of abortion goes back much farther than the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal and marked an important turning point in public health policy.
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    Killing Me Softly
    By: Roberta Flack
  • Sources Of 1973

    Abortion Legalized in U.S: (
    Sears Tower Built: (
    Paul Getty Kidnapped: (
    Best R&B Song Of The Year : (
  • Paul Getty Kidnapped

    Paul Getty Kidnapped
    Paul Getty was an American industrialist. He founded the Getty Oil Company. At the age of 16 Paul Getty was kidnapped at the ransom of $17 million.
  • Girls allowed to play Little league baseball

    Girls allowed to play Little league baseball
    A ruling by Sylvia Pressler, hearing examiner for the New Jersey Civil Rights Division on Nov. 7, 1973, was later upheld in the Superior Court, leading to Little League Baseball's admittance of girls into its programs.
    Until then, Little League regulations had prohibited girls from participating, and the change led to greater opportunities, such as those for the 10 girls who played on teams that have reached the Little League Baseball World Series.
  • Patty Hearst Kidnapped

    Patty Hearst Kidnapped
    Patricia Campbell Hearst is an American newspaper heiress, socialite, actress, kidnap victim, and convicted bank robber. On February 4, 19-year-old Hearst was kidnapped from the Berkeley, California apartment she shared with her fiancé Steven Weed by a left-wing urban guerrilla group called the Symbionese Liberation Army.
  • Sources Of 1974

    Girls Allowed to Play Lil' League Baseball: (
    Patty Hearst Kidnapped : (
    National Speed Limit 55 (
    Best R&B song of the year- (
  • National Speed Limit 55

    National Speed Limit 55
    The National Maximum Speed Law (NMSL) in the United States was a provision of the 1974 Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act that prohibited speed limits higher than 55 miles per hour (89 km/h). It was drafted in response to oil price spikes and supply disruptions during the 1973 oil crisis.
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    Kung Fu Fighting
    By: Calr Douglas
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    The Hustle
    By: Van McCoy
  • Sources Of 1975

    Francisco Franco Dies: (
    Miscrosoft Founded: (
    Jimmy Heffa Dissapears: (
    Best R&b Song of The Year: (
  • Microsoft Founded

    Microsoft Founded
    Microsoft was formed soon after the introduction of the Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) Altair, the first "personal computer," a build-it-yourself kit for hobbyists. Bill Gates and Paul Allen seized the opportunity to transform this early PC into a breakthrough -- the Altair needed software, a programming language that could make it perform useful computing tasks. That's when it all began.
  • Jimmy Heffa Disappears

    Jimmy Heffa Disappears
    On July 30, 1975, Jimmy Hoffa planned to meet Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone, a reputed mob enforcer for the Detroit La Costa Nostra and New Jersey. Hoffa believed Giacalone had set up the meeting to help settle a feud between Hoffa and Provenzano. At 2:15 p.m. Hoffa phoned his wife Josephine, telling her that no one showed up for his meeting. After that was the last time anyone heard from Jimmy Heffa.
  • Francisco Franco Died

    Francisco Franco Died
    Francisco Franco was a Spanish general, dictator and the leader of the Nationalist military rebellion in the Spanish Civil War, and totalitarian head of state of Spain, from October 1936 (as a unified nation from 1939 onwards) until his death in November 1975. He became ill from health problems and battle with Parkinson's Disease, he fell into a coma and was put on life support and died just after midnight.
  • Apple Computer Launched

    Apple Computer Launched
    Apple Inc. ( formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, and incorporated January 3, 1977 the company was named Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 years. The word "Computer" was removed from its name on January 9, 2007as its traditional focus on personal computers shifted towards consumer electronics.
  • Sources Of 1976

    Apple Computer Launched: (
    Legionnaires Disease Striked: (
    Red Dye #2 is Banned: (,28804,1896348_1895874,00.html)
    Best R&B Song Of The Year: (
  • Red Dye #2 Banned

    Red Dye #2 Banned
    Red Dye #2 was used in everything from sausage casings and ice cream to makeup and cancer, and U.S. tests proved some correlation as well. Though it was never linked to any deaths or illnesses, the substance was banned from U.S. shelves in 1976.
  • Legionnaires Disease

    Legionnaires Disease
    Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia — lung inflammation usually caused by infection. Legionnaires' disease is caused by a bacterium known as legionella.
    You can't catch Legionnaires' disease from person-to-person contact. Instead, most people get Legionnaires' disease from inhaling the bacteria.
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    Kiss and Say Goodbye
    By: The Manhattans
  • Best rR&B Song Of The Year

    Best rR&B Song Of The Year
    Sir Duke
    By: Stevie Wonder
  • Sources Of 1977

    Elvis found Dead: (
    New York Blackout: (
    First Black Miss Universe: (
    Best R&B Song Of The Year: (
  • New York Black Out

    New York Black Out
    Lightning strikes a Consolidated Edison substation along the Hudson River, tripping two circuit breakers and setting off a chain of events that results in a massive power failure. The entire city of New York is blacked out, parts of it for more than 24 hours.
  • First Black MIss Universe

    First Black MIss Universe
    Miss Universe 1977, the 26th annual Miss Universe pageant was held at the National Theater, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on July 16, 1977. 24-year-old Janelle Commissiong earned Trinidad & Tobago its first Miss Universe crown as well as becoming the first black woman to win the title. The Miss Universe Pageant was held in the Dominican Republic in 1977 in order to promote tourism to the island.
  • Elvis Found Dead

    Elvis Found Dead
    Elvis Presley was the King Of Rock & Roll. When he died everyone was devistated. He was found dead next to his girlfriend in his bathroom. After 30 minutes of attempted cardiopulminary resuscitation, he was pronounced clinically dead on the steps of the Baptist Hospital, Memphis.
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    You can do it
    By: Dobie Gray
  • Atlantic City Permits Gambling

    Atlantic City Permits Gambling
    In an effort at revitalizing the city, New Jersey voters in 1976 approved casino gambling for Atlantic City; this came after a 1974 referendum on legalized gambling failed to pass. Immediately after the legislation passed, the owners of the Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Hotel began converting it into the Resorts International. It was the first legal casino in the eastern United States when it opened on May 26, 1978
  • Sources Of 1978

    Atlantic City Permits Gambling: (
    First Test Tube Baby Born: ( histor1900''s/qt/testtube.htm)
    Love Canal In New York Declared Federal Disaster: (
    Best R&B Song Of The Year:(
  • First Test tube Baby Born

    First Test tube Baby Born
    On November 10, 1977, Lesley Brown underwent the very experimental in vitro ("in glass") fertilization procedure. This time, the doctors implanted the fertilized egg back into Brown in a shorter time period than they had previously tried.
    At 11:47 p.m. on July 25, 1978, Lesley Brown delivered a five-pound 12-ounce baby girl via Cesarean section. They baby girl was named Louise Joy Brown.
  • Love Canal In New York Declared Federal Disaster

    Love Canal In New York Declared Federal Disaster
    Love Canal is a neighborhood located in the city of Niagara Falls in upstate New York. There were discoveries that the house that were built in this neighborhood had been built by a toxic landfill.Less than one week later on August 7, 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared a State of Emergency in Love Canal and 239 families living within two rows of the landfill were permanently relocated. Yet problems persisted and families continued to complain of health problems.
  • Sony Intoduces The WalkMan

    Sony Intoduces The WalkMan
    The world took a big step towards the iPod generation when Sony introduced the Walkman in 1979. The device was not particularly advanced - portable tape recorders had existed for decades - but it was an advance in marketing. The Walkman was not promoted to professional journalists, like most portable tape recorders were at the time; it was promoted to ordinary consumers.
    It was a music player first and foremost; it had no record function.
    The concept was a winner.
  • Sources Of 1979

    Sony Intoduces The walkman: (
    Espn Starts Broadcasting: (
    The Greensboro Massacre: (
    Best R&B Song Of The Year: (
  • Best R&B Song Of The Year

    Best R&B Song Of The Year
    Ring My Bell
    By: Anita Ward
  • ESPN Starts Broadcasting

    ESPN Starts Broadcasting
    ESPN started broadcasting in September 1979 with limited airtime during the week and 24-hour coverage over the weekend.The company had signed up 625 cable system affiliates, reaching more than one million of a total of 20 million households that had cable at that time. Its first televised event was a slow-pitch world series softball game between the Milwaukee Schlitzes and the Kentucky Bourbons.
  • Greensboro Massacre

    Greensboro Massacre
    The Greensboro massacre occurred on November 3, 1979 in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. Five protest marchers were shot and killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. The protest was the culmination of attempts by the Communist Workers Party to organize mostly black industrial workers in the area.