The Sands Of Time

By z__
  • Birch

    The chipmunk tells Hermux that his name is Birch and he was engaged to Mirrin
  • Run

    Hermux find out that Birch is running from the police
  • Period: to

    The Sands of Time

    the year doesn't matter, January first is the first chapter
  • Fly Dresses

    Tucka's fly dress draws attention and bad reviews
  • Tied Down

    Hermux finds out that Linka is engaged to Turfip and hanging up her wings
  • Dead

    Hermux tells Mirrin that he met Birch and Mirrin tells Hermux that Birch is dead
  • Escape

    Tucka's flys escape, ending the party
  • Pup

    Hermux writes in his journal about his dead friend Pup
  • Newspapers

    The party made the papers as a cat fight
  • Poor Service

    The party outside the musuem went all night so Lanayda provided poor service at her coffee shop
  • Period: to

    Birch's Story

    Birch explains to Hermux why he left. It was because his theory af cats had caused him enemys that were trying to kill him after he found a map to their library so when everyone thought he had died in a ship wreck while looking for the library he stayed dead
  • Period: to

    Mirrins House

    Birch explains everything to Mirrin after going to her house
  • Birchs Item

    Birch shows Mirrin and Hermux a strange item and scroll that prove the existence of cats
  • the Brotherhood Of Mice

    Mirrin gets a note that says that she better stop painting cats or else
  • A meating

    Birch and Hinkum talk about the new found evidence
  • Makeover

    Birch gets a makeover for the meeting about the school sponsering a search for the library
  • Fake

    the scroll was proven fake
  • Mummy of the King

    Hermux finds out that Tucka is trying to steal the mummy of the king of cats from the library, even though in the meeting she said cats didn't exist
  • The Doll

    They find a doll of Mirrin Dead that was sent to them at the restarant
  • Stolen

    Birch is knocked out and someone stole the scroll
  • Wild Girls

    The group finds out that Tucka is heading out on a boat puting on a show called Wild Girls
  • Flying

    Linka, Birch, and Hermux get o a plain in hopes to beat Tucka to the library of cats
  • The Boat

    The grouop caught up with Tucka and her boat
  • Period: to


    The gruop smeaks on the boat, bearly dying in the process but found out where they were going and that they were after the library
  • Married

    Hermux tells the group that Tucka and Hinkum are getting married
  • Camp

    the group finds a final camp at dead rat falls
  • Found

    Hermux find the secre tt enterance to the canyon the library is in
  • Cattails

    The group finds pictures of cattails carved into the walls of the canyon
  • Doornobs

    the group dig up the doornobs of a door to the cat palace
  • Notes

    The group finds a note from the libraryian that says they have found the library
  • Mouse Doors

    They find a door for the mouse servants thats unlocked
  • Exploring

    the group uses flashlight to explore the library
  • Carvings

    The group finds carvings of mice caring for cats on the walls
  • Empty

    The group found the shelves in the library, and they were empty!
  • Scorpian

    A scorpian attacks Hermux but Linka saved him
  • Stairs

    When an urn is knocked over the kings portrait moves, revealing a spiral staircase