The Roaring 20’s

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  • 18 Amendment

    18 Amendment
    The 18 amendment made the production, transport, and sale of liquor illegal.
  • 19 Amendment

    19 Amendment
    Gives women the right to vote.
  • Rise of the Radio

    Rise of the Radio
    KDKA launched the nations first ever commercial broadcast on Election Day. This was a big boost in the radio world and it became one of the main forms of entertainment for Americans.
  • Emergency Quota Act of 1921

    Emergency Quota Act of 1921
    Set the limit of immigrants to about 357,000 immigrants a year. Limited the immigrants to 3% of the foreign population.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti

    Sacco and Vanzetti
    Sacco and Vanzetti were Italian immigrants who were executed for murder with doubtful evidence. Many civilians believed the decision was based on racism. The case was on July 14, 1921 but were executed in 1927.
  • Model T

    Model T
    The Model T was the first affordable car put out by Henry Ford. This completely changed America’s culture. The car costed $290 compared to the $850 it costed before.
  • National Origins Act of 1924

    National Origins Act of 1924
    Reduced the Quota Act to 2% instead of 3%. It also excluded immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe and Africa.
  • Mass productions

    Mass productions
    In the 1920s, the US saw a burst in production. Mostly in new advancements aun technology. Cars, electric appliances, new fashions, etc were all boosted in production. The use of these products were normalized in America.
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    Scott Fitzgerald publishes this book. It has gone on to be one of the most well known books in America.
  • Klansmen March

    Klansmen March
    40,000 KKK members marched on Washington, filling Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Route 66

    Route 66
    Route 66 ran from Chicago to the West coast. Many people used this route and it created attraction. It built up small town America.
  • Lindbergh’s flight

    Lindbergh’s flight
    Charles Lindbergh completes the first solo flight in Paris after departing from New York.
  • Babe Ruth Hits 60th Home Run

    Babe Ruth Hits 60th Home Run
    Babe Ruth sets an incredible record that will stand for more than 30 years.
  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer
    The Jazz Singer is the first talking motion picture and premieres, marking the begging of a new era.
  • Stock Market Collapse

    Stock Market Collapse
    The stock market in America collapses. The Great Depression starts. The economy in America was at an all time low.
  • Mickey Mouse is Born

    Mickey Mouse is Born
    Walt Disney’s steamboat Willie premiers. It introduced Mickey Mouse to America and they fell in love.
  • 21 Amendment

    21 Amendment
    The 21 Amendment took away the 18 amendment making the production, transportation, and sale of liquor legal.