The Road to the Constitution

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  • The American revolution

    The American revolution was a time when British colonies in America rebelled against the Great Britain. There were many fights for there freedom and they gained there freedom and became the independent country of the United States.This revolt went from 1765-1783. In this rebellion we gained a friend called France, France help us gain our independence and without them i think we would have our freedom. George Washington was the leader of the army, he soon became the President of the United State.
  • The declaration of righs and friecances

    The declaration of righs and friecances
    The Declaration of Rights and Grievances was a document written by the stamp Act Congress and passed on October 14,1765. It declared that taxes imposed on British colonists without their formal consent were unconstitutional. The Declaration of Rights raised fourteen points of colonial protest but was not directed exclusively at the Stamp Act of 1765. Which required documents, newspapers, and playing cards be printed on special stamped and taxed paper.
  • The intolerable acts

    The intolerable acts
    This act was passed as punishment for the destruction brought during the Boston Tea Party. It was a violent reaction to the British tea tax of 1773. This act didn't help the tension between Great Britain and the American colonies. Great Britain was already tired of the colonies disrespect and doing what they did to the chest of tea belonging to the British East India Company(Boston Tea Party). The intolerable acts was to mainly punish the colonies and not let them do anything and make anything.
  • the signing of the declaration of independence

    the signing of the declaration of independence
    Congress asked Thomas Jefferson and others to write a declaration of independence. They needed a document to declare why they wanted the colonies to become independent of Britain. Jefferson wrote that many of the Americans believe their rights. He also wrote that people have the right to live, right to be fee, the right to seek happiness. The declaration explained why we broke away from Britains. In it it says we have the right that cannot be taken away, lists the companies against the king.
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    In the common sense Thomas Paine urges us to push for American Independence. This document played a key role in rallying American supporters for independence. Paine was trying to win over the ones that thought we had no chance and that we would fail. Paine also made them remember all the pain Great Britain put the colonies through. Paine had to dig deep and not give up like we do in the war for our freedom.
  • the adoption of the articles of confederation

    the adoption of the articles of confederation
    The Congress set debating for 16 months in a temporary capital of York, Pennsylvania.They finally agreed to adopt the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union in 1777. The Amendments to the Articles required approval from all 13 states. Each state gets 1 vote and they all have to agree to it or have a majority of the votes in some cases. New York never voted on anything and so they were always neutral and that didn't help anyones side. The states always butted heads and they butted over it
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Shay's Rebellion
    In this rebellion there were many violent attacks on the courthouses and other government properties in Massachusetts. The rebellion was named after Daniel Shays, a farmer and former soldier who fought at Bunker Hill and was one of several leaders of the insurrection. What led to the rebellion was that the residents had to pay more than they ever had too for Governor James Bowdoin's business associates could make a good return.
  • the start of the constitutional convention

    the start of the constitutional convention
    James Madison suggested that the government should have three branches. Madison suggested that the number of delegates from each state based on the state population. The smaller states had a problem with this because then the bigger states will be too powerful. So someone suggested dividing Congress into two parts, each state would have the same number of representatives in one house. The southern and northern states fought over who should be counted in the population count.