The river by: Gary paulsen fiction-Grant Kuhlmann, 130pgs.

  • I read 1-20

    In these pages these scientists go to this kids named brain house to ask him if we wanted to go out in th wild and try to live out there with the scientist AGAIN!
  • I read 20 - 50

    In theses pages Brain and the scientist Derek go out in to the wild with nothing but them selves. Derek wants to bring food and shelter for emegency but it gets denied by brain( who is 15) they end up bonding pretty well in the first week there out there.
  • I read 50-75

    In these pages it was crazy. Its all fine intill this nasty storm hits camp and derek gets struk by lightning and he goes into a coma. It comes that Brain is in the same possestion
  • I read 75-130

    In these pages Brain makes a raft to get Dereke to the hospital. They encounter some pretty crazy stuff like a huge waterfall!!! They make it through the waterfall and of course just like everyother story ending they make it out ok and Derek will be fine.