Purloined letter

The Purloined Letter-Francesca#18, Bridget#20, Kate#36

  • Problem

    The problem in the story is that a top-secret, powerful letter has been stolen from the royal apartment. This letter contains information and power the can lead to the downfall of the government. The police know that the Minister D did it and how he did it but, they don't know where the letter is.
  • Rising Action #1

    The Prefect of the Parisian Police first searches Minister D's royal apartment. The Prefect searches the whole place with prescisement, spending a whole week searching the apartment square inch by square inch.
  • Climax

    Dupin tells the police that he found the letter and that it was at the Minister's Aprtment the whole time.
  • Falling Action #1

    Falling Action #1
    The prefect and Dupin exchange their gifts that they have accomadated. Dupin hands over the letter and The Prefect writes a check for fifty thousand francs. They exchange their goods.
  • Falling Action #2

    Dupin explains how he found the letter. That it was at the Minister's Apartment and that the police searched the apartment too carefully. In other words, the Minister hid it in an obvious place that the police were to precise to find.
  • Falling Action #3

    Falling Action #3
    Minister is hiding the real stolen letter in a group of hanging cards, so Dupin leaves his snuffbox to be able to come back. When he comes back he is scheduling a commotion outside the window so the Minister goes to the window and Dupin switches the real letter for the fake letter, without Minister noticing,
  • Resolution

    Dupin finds the stolen letter.