Social networking sites

The Progression of Social Networking Sites

By courtob
  • Classmates

    This social network service is for members to find friends and acquantintances from kindergarten, high school, college and work. The name of the website was later changed to Memory Lane.
  • Bolt

    Bolt was started as a teen community, and developed into a place for social networking and video. It was one of the first social networking websites and offered unique features such as daily horoscopes, message boards, photo albums, chat rooms, games, internet radio, e-cards and clubs. It was shut down on October 6th, 2008.
  • AsianAve

    A social networking site based on the Asian American community. It is a place to share photos, music and updates as well as being used as a platform for professional networking.
  • CaringBridge

    Caring Bridge
    CaringBridge is a non-profit website that offers free websites to people undergoing hospitilization or facing a serious medical condition. It is similar to a blog and makes it easier for patients, family and friends to communicate.
  • Care2

    Care2 was created to help activists by connecting them with other individuals, organizations and businesses trying to do the same. Members have an online identity complete with a profile, that differs from others by providing information about how involved they are in activism. There are also groups that connect people that are interested in similar issues.
  • Advogato

    An online community intended for free software development.
  • Cyworld

    Cyworld is South Korean and features avatars that make friendships. A member has their own avatar and mini decorated room, such as in the Sims.
  • Athlinks

    A site that shows results for running, swimming, mountain biking, cycling, triathlon and adventure racing.
  • CozyCot

    CozyCot is for women from Easy and Southeast Asia. It is a hobby website where you can share product and service opinions and information.
  • BlackPlanet

    BlackPlanet is a community website for African-Americans and started as a place for matchmaking and jobs but also includes forums for political and social discussion.
  • CouchSurfing

    CouchSurfing makes connections between travellers and communities, and is for people that seek accomodation.
  • MySpace

    MySpace was the most popular social networking site until it was overtaken by Facebook. You can post bulletins, message users, customise your profile and add friends, among many other features.
  • Facebook

    On Facebook users may create a profile, add friends and exchange messages whether via inbox or chat. Anyone over the age of 13 can have a Facebook. It is the most used social networking site.
  • a SmallWorld

    a SmallWorld
    A social networking service that is invitation-only that is similar to most social sites, with a profile and private messaging.
  • Cloob

    Cloob is popular in Iran and is a Persian language website. Members have email, communities, clubs, photo albums, messaging and chat rooms.
  • Buzznet

    A social media network where photos, videos and journals are shared, based on personal interest. It features communities that are created around interests, ideas and events, unlike other social networking sites that mainly focus on messaging and profiles.
  • Cellufun

    Cellufun is a place for people to meet and play social games. There is a virtual currency called 'FunCoins' and an earnt system of points called 'Cellupoints'.
  • YouTube

    Uses can upload, share and watch videos on YouTube. It is a media sharing website.
  • Biip

    Biip is the third largest social network site in Norway, where users use nicknames instead of their real names.
  • Bebo

    Bebo is similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Users have a personal profile where they may post blogs, photos, videos, questionaires and music, as well as being able to message and add others.
  • Blogster

    Blogster is a site for blogging. It features blogs that are specific to an interest,with the ability to publish content, images, videos and more. The members can also build a personal profile, friend lists, comment on articles and otherwise network and interact in the online community. It is also known for having easy to use, spam-free blogs.
  • aNobii

    A social network constructed for book lovers. They have the ability to catologue their books and rate, review and discuss them with other members.
  • Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll is for streaming East Asian media such as anime, manga and music.
  • DailyStrength

    DailyStrength is for people to provide eachother with emotional support by discussing their feelings.
  • Badoo

    Badoo is a mutli-lingual website that is most active in Spain, Italy, Latin America and France. It is a general social networking website.
  • CafeMom

    CafeMom is aimed at mothers and soon-to-be mothers. You can either register for it or use it as a nonmember. You can find information, read and publish posts, ask and answer questions and answer the polls. CafeMom is a place for conversation, friendship, entertainment and advice on all things to do with being a mother.
  • Bigadda

    Bigadda is an Indian social networking site. It claims to be the largest and fastest growing youth network in India.
  • Cake Financial

    Cake Financial
    Cake Financial was a free financial social network for investors. It allowed its members to share their stock portfolios and performance with other members. It also had an application on Facebook. The site was closed on 14th January 2010.
  • is similar to Facebook and Myspace, but is for Christians. It is a family friendly network where you are able to share pictures, audio and video.
  • Avatars United

    Avatars United
    A web community for avatars of virtual worlds and games. The Avatars could interact, share messages, blog, discuss topics, upload photos and videos, join or create groups and organize in-game events. Avatars United was closed in October 2010.
    A social networking site aimed at academics and researcher, one of the biggest social networking sites for academics.
  • DailyBooth

    DailyBooth is where users take a captioned photo of themselves each day to show their life in pictures.
  • Blauk

    Blauk is a website for microblogging thoughts to a stranger or aquaintance they see every day, in public places. The people talked about can read these thoughts, meaning that people can read what strangers think of them.
  • Audimated

    A site for indepenent music and musicians. Both artists and fans can use this. Artists may sell music or merchandise, while fans can own 'stores' where they add their favourite musicians products.