Nokia 660

The phone

  • Dinatac 800x

    Dinatac 800x
    Motorola developer was the first mobile phone that was put on the market weighed around 800 G and had a price of $ 3995 plus His battery had a range of just one hour of conversation was a success in its time and for 1984 it had already been sold more than 300,000 copies
  • Nokia mobira

    Nokia mobira
    1984 Nokia presented a mobile phone in the shape of suitcase of approximately 10 kilograms of weight But who was going to carry a phone of Such dimensions Well nobody because this phone was oriented to be integrated into the cars of that time and not to make a mobile of personal use
  • IBM Simon

    IBM Simon
    IBM Simon considered the first smartphone in history since in addition to making and receiving phone calls allowed to receive faxes emails among other functions was distributed by kissing at a price of $ 1099 in the United States alone

    On January 3, 1996 the Motorola startac was launched until that time it was the smallest phone available for sale thanks to this quality this phone was very popular appearing in many Hollywood movies
  • Nokia 6160

    Nokia 6160
    one of the most sold phones by Nokia in the 90s had a weight of only 164 plus had a battery that lasted up to 3 hours in talk mode up to 4 days in standby
  • Nokia 3210

    Nokia 3210
    Launched in 1999 was specifically aimed at a young audience for the first time in the mobile phone industry was included three games interchangeable customizable ring tones and sending images in sms In addition to appearing applications such as calculator watch call forwarding but what caused a sensation in this mobile phone was the inclusion of 3 pre-installed games that were snake that to this day gave introversion
  • Nokia 8260

    Nokia 8260
    The Nokia 8260 was another of the equipment that enhanced the candybar format as its predecessors the 6160 but unlike these this phone already allows to activate the vibration mode something that the previous models did not have, it also includes connectivity service such as infrared SMS connection USB and email
  • Handspring treo 180

    Handspring treo 180
    the 2001 was the goodbye for the black and white screens and welcomed the monochrome screens handspring treo 180 was a smart phone that had a qwerty keyboard with operating system for the 3.5 and a Dragon Ball processor at 33 megahertz and 16 megabytes of ram for that time It was one of the most innovative phones that existed
  • T mobile sidekick

    T mobile sidekick
    it was a year of great advances in mobile telephony Mobile sidekick arrived on the internet to mobile phones, and different companies such as Nokia and Motorola presented different models with Gea cameras and full color screens
  • Nokia 660

    Nokia 660
    More advanced smartphone that Nokia had presented until then and also led to Silvia that was his operating system until version 7.0 a full color tft screen we could see the photographs captured by his camera shifter videos of up to 95 kilobytes
  • Motorola razr v3

    Motorola razr v3
    2004 was the year of the legendary Razr v3 a very thin cover phone with which Motorola dazzled the public had only 5.5 megabytes of internal memory and without the possibility of putting an external memory card But that did not matter at that time his screen to All color and the small external screen that allowed us to see the time calls or pending messages was all that the public of that era wanted
  • Sony ericsson w810

    Sony ericsson w810
    this year saw the birth of the first Walmart cell phone the w810 was the most representative phone of the series goleman initially thought for the user to live a complete musical experience and taking as anchor what was at the time the famous player
  • Nokia N73

    Nokia N73
    In 2006, the public was already divided between buying a basic phone or buying a Smartphone with an Internet connection and different applications on Nokia. n73 was one of those And although it did not have a Wi-Fi connection, it was full of applications and games and it included the best camera of that year with 3.2 megapixels although many will remember it for that cover for the camera that could be raised and lowered

    2007 was the year of the iPhone on January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the team that revolutionized the world of technology for several years with an innovative one-touch design and touch screen was the beginning of the revolution of smartphones just as we know it now

    2008 was the beginning of the Android operating system on HTC g1 and its new operating system introduced the alternative to a future tactile interfaces applications and internet in the pocket Android at that time was not well known so many brands already consolidated in the market not it will take a lot of importance

    among the youngest who were looking for a phone adapted to a growing use of social networks lacked wi-fi connectivity and the camera was not the most complicated but that did not matter at that time until Android was not fashionable this was the preferred terminal of the youth of the time
  • Samsung galaxy s

    Samsung galaxy s
    2010 was the beginning of a saga that now goes in its eighth version the first Galaxy was raised as a 4-inch screen 512mb ram and two memory options 8 and 16 Gb accompanied by 5 megapixels for the rear camera and left a for the front
  • Samsung galaxy note

    Samsung galaxy note
    This year was the beginning of another of the sagas of Samsung's high-end Galaxy Note series with a screen of 5.3 inches at the time however time gave him the right and today the big ones have been consolidated as the dominant trend
  • Samsung galaxy s3

    Samsung galaxy s3
    Two of the cell phones that set trends this year were the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 the S3 was a sales success for Samsung and it was the consolidation of the Android operating system Samsung managed to sell more than 10 million units in just two In the meantime in the case of iPhone the success was overflowing so much of the company had to delay the official launch due to an excess of demand over two million bookings in the first 24 hours
  • Motorola Moto G

    Motorola Moto G
    Moto G was the mobile that changed the way to see the mid-range phones and forced the other manufacturers to get phones mid-range but offering very top benefits and at very high costs there is the beginning of the rise of Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei
  • One plus one

    One plus one
    in 2014 it was launching criminals like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 but all with a rather high price one Plus one was a terminal with features of a high-end but at a price of multimedia with 5.5-inch screen snapdragon 801 processor and the I really did not have anything to envy to the pointer terminals of that year however I had a price of only 300 dollars
  • Samsung S6 EDGE

    Samsung S6 EDGE
    Samsung Galaxy S4 had been a success but Samsung needed to renew design and in 2015 he did it He introduced the first cell with curved screen that more than a technological addition is an aesthetic addition and we go to the public
  • IPhone 7

    IPhone 7
    Maybe in terms of innovation the iPhone 7 has been a little behind with respect to the competition however it is still one of the phones with very elegant design fast and with good camera and almost like all the high-end terminals this year comes with IP certification which makes it waterproof even submersible
  • Samsung Galaxy s8 Y s8 +

    Samsung Galaxy s8 Y s8 +
    so far have been some high-end terminals such as the Huawei p10 and the LG G6 but is that so far leads to become the icon of 2017 is the Samsung Galaxy s8 and the s8 plus in terms of design is the most beautiful cell phone that has ever been seen in the market although with a small section the location of fingerprint reader at the moment is the worthy representative of 2017
  • samsung s10 plus

    samsung s10 plus
    In the year of 2019 a new phone arrived that is not as we believe it. this phone revolutionized the world with its ram memory, storage and best of all in a phone that has a battery sharing mode is to say that if you download you can ask a friend who has the samsung s10 plus and that you share battery in what has been one of the best phones in the world today we do not know what will surprise us Samsung with some new mobile phone