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  • The Telephone

    The Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone.
  • Period: to

    Telephone Timespan

    Throughout this time period, telephones have advanced. They went from only being about to call a certain distance to all over the world. Phones are still developing to this day and age in order to improve and make it more advanced.
  • Telephone Distance!

    Telephone Distance!
    The telephone reached across and inbetween two major cities. Loading coild=s were placed along the telephone lines to reduce the form of an electrical signal or sound wave when processing distortion.
  • First Transcontinental Telephone Call

    First Transcontinental Telephone Call
    In 1914 the very first transcontinental phone line was invented. An invention called "vacuum tube amplifiers" made is possible to extend the phone lines a further distance.
  • Switching Systems and Rotary Dials

    Switching Systems and Rotary Dials
    The Bell System companies started to switch systems and install rotary dial telephones.
  • Frequency Multiplexing Concept

    Frequencies in speech are shifted in order to let more than one call happen at the same time in different places.
  • Transoceanic Telephone Service

    Transoceanic Telephone Service
    Telephone calls being made aross the Atlantic ocean was possible. S.S. Leviathan was the first ocean liner that offered radio telephone service to the passengers in 1929.
  • Cellular Phones

    Cellular Phones
    The telephone had improved, it became portable but it worked just like the other telephones except you could carry it. It was wireless, and they were rare at this time.
  • Touch Tone Telephones

    Touch Tone Telephones
    The touch tone telephone was invented, this phone had rotary dials numbers that you could actually touch. The touch tone phones were really popular in 1962 at the Seattle World's Fair.
  • First Moblie Telephone Call

    Someone that was driving had made history, he took out a handset from the car dashboard and they made a phone call, and this was the very first mobile telephone call.
  • North American Numbering Plan

    Number of customers started to increase and so did the number of telephones being made.
  • Wireless Telephone Service

    In almost 100 cities and highway corridors, wireless calling was available. A couple thousand people were making over 20,000 weekly calls and this wasn't a normal pacing. The transmitters were overwhelmed with the amount of calls it was recieving.
  • A Mathematical Theory of Communication

    This provided a methematical reasoning for the theory of telephones.
  • First phone to combine a ringer and handset

    First phone to combine a ringer and handset
    Phones were evolving at this time and the first phone with a ringer and handet was created and it came in different colors.
  • Direct longdistance calling first available

    Now customers are able to make long-distance calls within the United States without an operator, but the feature is not nationwide yet.
  • First Direct-Dial Transcontinental Telephone Call

    Two mayors had made history that day, Mayor M. Leslie called Mayor Frank Osborne. They were the first ones to ever make a long-distance call that showed area codes.
  • Telstar 1

    Telstar 1
    This satellite was launced by NASA into space, it transmitted the first transatlantic telecast and data signals. It cost $6 million.
  • First commercial digital transmission system

    First commercial digital transmission system
    The first commercial digital transmission system was created (Transmission 1 / T1)
    his replaced analog lines. It has high tension wires.
  • Touch-tone telephone is introduced

    Commercial service is available to some states with extra charge. This phone was featured with 10 push buttons, this replaced the rotary dial.
  • First electronic central office switching system

    The first electronic central office switching system is installed in Succasunna, New Jersey for $500 million. This allowed for the telephoes to switch through "telephone traffic" and through central offices.
  • First 911 call is made

    The first 911 call is made from Haleyville, Alabama. It was legislation calling for a nationwide number for people to use to call and report fires or medical emergencies.
  • First portable cell phone call is made

    The first portable cell phone call is made by Martin Cooper in Montorola. Thos was the first phone used for portable use.
  • U.S. military begins using fiber optics

    The U.S. military begins using fiber optics in order to improve their communication systems. The fiber optics are used to transmit data transformed into light waves and the fibers are transparent and very glass like.
  • Common channel interoffice signaling

    This allows software-controlled networked computers to communicate with each other. It seperated the functions from the voice path and checks on the circuit and then ralays the information being projected.
  • Public tests of a new cellular phone system

    People were trying out the new cellular devices.
  • 100 million cellular telephone subscribers

    100 million people were now using telephones, it progressed so much since the very first invention so many more people have gradually started using telephones.