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History Of Cell Phones

  • Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

    Motorola DynaTAC 8000x
    The Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was the first cell phone ever created and was created by Motorola engineer Martin Cooper. The phone had no touch screen available, weighed nearly 2 pounds and had a 30min call time and offered an 8-hour standby The phone wouldn't be released to the public till 10 years after the first call was made. 1984 was the year and the phone would sell for nearly $4000
  • Motorola 4500X

    Motorola 4500X
    The Motorola 4500X was the second phone released to the world. The phone had an 1 hour talking time and weighed nearly 5 pounds! The phone was enormous and had a gigantic battery pack attached to it which made up most of the weight. The phone was a huge upgrade from the DynaTac but still wasn't nearly as good as the phones we see today
  • Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

    Motorola MicroTAC 9800X
    The Motorola MicroTAC 9800X was by far the smallest phone available on the market at the time. The MicroTAC was the first phone to introduce and popularize the flip phone and this was really innovative for the time period. The phone was almost $2750 which was much lower than the 4500X, but nowhere near affordable for the average person
  • IBM Simon

    IBM Simon
    The IMB Simon was a revolutionary phone because of the first time ever use of apps on a cell phone. The phone would cost the consumer almost $900, which was a lot cheaper but still quite a hefty price for the average consumer. The phone was able to be handheld very easily and was fairly light for back than but not for our current state of mobile phones
  • Motorola StarTAC

    Motorola StarTAC
    The Moterola StarTAC was the first traditional flip Phone that we normally would remember. The phone was $1000 at release and was fairly similar to the flip phones that were around during the late 90's and early 2000's.
  • The Ericsson R380

    The Ericsson R380
    The Ericsson R380 was the first phone that was ever marketed as a smartphone. The smartphone was $900. The phone had a 4 hour talk time and a 150-hour standby for battery life. You are currently able to purchase the phone without a plan for under $100.
  • Blackberry Quark

    Blackberry Quark
    The blackberry quark was one of the most popular phones created by Blackberry. The phone featured 16mb of memory and offered USB support. The screen size was only 2.2 inches but the phone was still revolutionary at the time.
  • iPhone 2G

    iPhone 2G
    The iPhone 2G was the first iPhone ever created and was probably the biggest step ever in technology in smartphone history. The phone had a 3.5 inch screen and was the first phone to not offer a keyboard but instead a virtual keyboard that would pop up whenever it was necessary to type. The phone was avaible in rather 7GB of storage or 8GB. It was also the first time iOS was used on a phone. The original price of the phone was $499 for the 7gb model and $599 for the 8gb model
  • The HTC Dream

    The HTC Dream
    The HTC Dream was the first phone ever available that used the android operating system which would end up rivaling the iOS operating system. The screen size was 3.2 inches instead of the 3.5 inches on the iPhone. It also offered Bluetooth if you had a headset that you would want to connect. The iPhone would end up beating this phone in sales by a long shot.
  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
    The iPhone 6 was apples first time involving a plus model, and it also offered touch ID which was apples second attempt at it. The normal iPhone 6 offered a 4.7 inch display, and the plus model offered a 5.7 inch display. It offered up to 12 hours of playback time and video recording at 1080p for 30fps or 60fps. This phone is still widely used today. The price of the iphone 6 started at $649, and the price of the 6s plus started at $749.
  • Samsung galaxy S8

    Samsung galaxy S8
    The Galaxy S8 was Samsung's first attempt at taking away the home button for their phones. Instead of the Fingerprint scanner to open up your phone, the phone would feature Face ID which all you would need to open your phone was looking at it. The phone had a 5.8inch display and the price started at $720 for the normal model, and $850 for the plus model
  • iPhone X

    iPhone X
    The iPhone X was probably the most hyped up phone from apple since the original iPhone. It renatured a futuristic display with face ID and started at the high price of $999. The phone also was announced on the same day as the iPhone 8.The phone had a 5.8inch display. iPhones have not really evolved to much after this model.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Samsung Galaxy Fold
    The Samsung galaxy fold was the first folding phone ever created. The phone ended up not selling as expected and experienced many problems upon release including the phone breaking easily. It was advertised as the future as technology but that clearly did not work out. Maybe in the future, we will see a company that will perfect the folding phone in the future. This could be the future of handheld technology. It was a terrible job done of a great idea.
  • iPhone 12

    iPhone 12
    The iPhone 12 has been just released not too long ago and has received lots of backlash for the higher prices, and the lack of a phone charger nor earbuds in the box that comes with the phone. The phone has also received backlash for having the exact same size as the last year's phone. The phone would release among the pro models with a much higher price tag than the original iPhone 12.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20

    Samsung Galaxy S20
    The newest and most advanced Samsung phone to date is the Samsung Galaxy S20. The phone features a 6.2inch display. The phone sells from $999-$1600 depending on which model you purchase. This phone is the current flagship phone of the Samsung brand and maybe the flagship of every android phone.