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Brianna's Spine timeline

  • 1st Complaint of back pain

    Brianna complained of back pain, and I noticed that her spine was twisted.
  • Spoke to Dr. Pappas, Spinecorp specialist

    Spoke on phone and emailed X-rays. Dr. Pappas said she would be an excellent candidate with approximately 18 degree curve. Based in Chicago with the nearest office in Phoenix, the travel, costs and doctor visits were too financially burdening.
  • Examined by Dr. Jaegar at Aliante Integrated Physical Medicine

    Was told that Brianna had scoliosis and treatment and therapy would be around $5000.00 for the first 3 months.(see posture screening via email)
  • Examine by Dr. Wise

    Was told that Brianna had approximately 12 degree curve and thermal scan and EMG scan was performed as well as various assessments. Weekly adjustments of minimum 2/week was recommended at an affordable rate. Dr. Wise was thorough in his assessment and test in knowledge of pediatric scoliosis. I felt confident for his care with Brianna. (see documents)
  • 1st contact with Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics

    Discussed Spinecorp Brace. Requested Tony Gorgun who was listed on the Spinecorp website as certified specialist, but was told he was unavailable but Lee Rhinehart was certified, and that the website was not updated. Was told I needed doctor's prescription in order to obtain the brace.
  • Referral letter for Brace

    Dr. Wise wrote a referral letter for the spinecorp brace as requested by Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics (see email from Dr. Wise)
  • 1st Visit and Purchased Spinecorp brace from Advanced Orthotics

    1st assessment and examine with Lee Rhinehart. (see journal) Half up front $1800.00 and the last half when it arrives.
  • Additional x-rays requested

    Lee Rhinehart called and said that Spinecorp was requesting additional x-rays.(see journal and phone record)
  • X-rays taken and emailed to Lee

    X-rays taken at Align Chiropractic by Dr. Durso and emailed to Lee.
  • Called to Check on status of Brace arrival

    Brace still had not arrived and was told that they would call me back
  • Check status

    Called to check status of the brace arrival and was told that it should be here next week.
  • Brace arrived

    Advanced Prosthetics notified me that brace had arrived and fitting appointment was scheduled for the 11th. (see phone record)
  • Initial Brace Fitting

    Awkward fitting experience, as Lee seemed to not know how to put the brace on Brianna. Brace was uncomfortable and gave her a crooked posture as well as cut off blood circulation to her legs. Proper Protocol was not done. (see journal and phone record)
  • 1st Questioning of proper fitting of the brace

    Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics called to notify me that the special under shirts for the brace had arrived. I went by the office around 4:45 to pick them up with Brianna. We asked about the tight leg straps and questioned the fitting of the brace due to the poor posture she now had with the brace on. (see journal and phone record)
  • 2nd Questioning of the fitting of the brace

    Did a Walk-in with Brianna around 4:45pm to see Lee to question the fitting of the brace and to adjust straps that had loosened. (see journal and phone record)
  • 3rd Questioning of the fitting of the brace

    5:30pm Brianna complains of back pain. Question the fitting of the brace. Posture looks bad. She feels like her back is worse
  • 4th Questioning of the fitting of the brace

    Brianna complained that her back was starting to hurt worse and that she felt like the brace was making her spine more crooked. Called at 1:03pm to schedule appointment to see Lee. Walk-in at 4:45 with Lee. He reassured us after looking at the computer that everything was as it should be. (see journal and phone record)
  • 5th questioning of the fitting of brace

    Brianna had developed terrible cuts and bruising on her left hip from the straps of the brace. Walk in visit around 4:45 to see Lee. He gave us a curved device to place on her waist to buffer the straps on her skin. Once again I questioned how her posture should be. (see journal and phone record)
  • 1st attempt to schedule 6month check up

    left voicemail with Lee (see phone record) no call back
  • 2nd attempt for 6 month checkup

    left voicemail with Lee asking for what x-ray were needed for 6 month check up (see phone record) no call back.
  • Lee calls back

    I asked what x-rays were need for Brianna's 6 month check up and Lee stated that he "didn't know" and would call me back, but he never did. (see journal and phone record)
  • 3rd attempt to contact Lee for 6 month checkup

    Called to speak to Lee, left voicemail . (see phone record)
  • 4th attempt to schedule 6 month check-up

    Called twice to schedule an appointment with Lee and left voicemail. (see phone record)
  • 5th attempt

    The phone lines were busy and no one was picking up at Advanced Orthotics and Prosthetics (see phone record)
  • 6th attempt

    Called 3 more times desperately trying to talk to anyone who could help at the office, but no one did. I left several voicemails. (see phone record)
  • Called and left message with Spinecorp and also sent email message

    I left message on the Spinecorp website with my concerns and for a second opinion. (see phone record)
  • Dr. Pappas calls

    Dr. Pappas calls as a representative of Spinecorp and remembered Brianna. I told him my concerns and he told me to take pictures of her in the Brace and email. (see email conversation and phone record)
  • 7th plus attempt to reach out to Advanced Prosthetics

    After 3 phone calls around 11:20am, Lee finally calls me back and says that he doesn't know what x-rays I should get and that I should contact Dr. Thomas- who once again refused to see Brianna because she had no insurance and he did not take cash paying patients. (see phone record)
  • X-rays

    Dr. Pappas had several x-rays requested (see email from the 27th of June 2016)) and they were taken at Align Chiropractic with Dr. Durso.
  • 8th attempt

    called to speak to Tony Gorgun the manager, he was not available. Left message. (see phone record)
  • Photos of Brianna in Brace sent to Dr. Pappas

    In brace photos requested by Dr. Pappas. (see email)
  • Discontinue Brace

    Dr. Pappas emailed me to discontinue brace and call him immediately. (see email)
  • Frustrated Phone call to Advanced Orthotics

    After finding out that the Brace was on the wrong side, I called twice and finally spoke to Kiveli at the office and told her of my frustrations and that I wanted to speak to Tony Gorgun immediately and requested a copy of Brianna's medical records. She stated that she could make an appointment for me to see him on Friday Morning and pick up the records then. 6/31/2016. (see phone record email and journal)
  • Long call with Dr. Pappas

    Told by Dr. Pappas that the brace was placed on the incorrect side and that her spine had worsened (see phone record and email)