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Mobile Phones

  • The First Mobile Phone

    The First Mobile Phone
    1kg in weight
    Text only LED screen
    Costed $3395 when first released
    Only operated in cities with the correct phone system
    Unusable in elevators or basements as the signal is not avaliable
  • The First Flip Mobile Phone

    The First Flip Mobile Phone
    Smallest phone (at the time)
    Flip button cover
    Over 9 inches long
    348 grams in weight
    Slim battery
    12 buttons
    $3495 when first released
  • The First Hand-sized Mobile Phone

    The First Hand-sized Mobile Phone
    Needed 5 hours to charge
    8 hours of battery life
    1 hour talk time
    21 buttons
    1 inch screen
    576 grams in weight
    - Antenna
  • The Smallest Phone Yet

    The Smallest Phone Yet
    495 grams in weight
    The first mass product GMS phone
    22 butons
    Small ariel
    2 inch screen
  • The First PDA/Mobile phone combination

    The First PDA/Mobile phone combination
    510 grams in weight
    8 inches in height
    2.5 inches in width
    Storage space was 1MG
    This was the first "smart phone"
    It has an 88 page instructions manual saved on it
  • The Clam Shell Mobile Phone

    The Clam Shell Mobile Phone
    88 grams in weight
    SMS text messages
    It was the first phone to introduce vibrate instead of ringing
    $1000 when first released
    The battery compartment is located on the front of the phone
    Small ringtone selection
    Simple address book
  • "Banana Phone"

     "Banana Phone"
    145 grams in weight
    First phone with the SSMS engine (Smart SMS)
    It was nick-named the banana phone because of its curved shape
    20 buttons
  • Mini Laptop Phone

    Mini Laptop Phone
    253 grams in weight
    8 megabites of storage
    3 hours of talk time
    This phone looks similar to a laptop, although it is rather small compared to a laptop
    Email accounts avaliable
    Internet browsing
  • First GPS Phone

    First GPS Phone
    First mobile phone intergraded with a GPS
    Most sales of this phone happened in Europe
    150 grams in weight
    Alarm and clock accessibility
    Three games come on this phone at purchase
    10 hours of talk time
    Selectable font size
    Electro luminescent lighting
  • The Next Phone

    The Next Phone
    133 grams in weight
    Built in memory
    GMS and TDMA connectivity
    Slightly rounded edges
    Buttons designed to be operated using thumb
  • First Phone With A Full Keyboard

    First Phone With A Full Keyboard
    This model has up to 64 megabites of music storage
    Full keyboard ( A button for each letter)
    155 grams in weight
    Built in caculator
    Built in stopwatch
    Built in reminder function
    This phone can play both MP3 and ACC audio files
    Its software was designed to transfer music onto the phone using a USB
  • Coloured Screen Phone

    Coloured Screen Phone
    This phone has a coloured screen
    The front of the phone flips up to reveal the buttons and keypad
    162 minutes is the talking time maximum on this phone
    250 hours of battery life
    English and Spanish are the avaliable languages
    USB and PC connectivity
    Ringer and picture ID
  • One Of The First Camera Phones

    One Of The First Camera Phones
    Considered the third loudest Nokia phone
    6 MB of shared memory
    Built in rear camera
    Automatic lock
    Organising software
    Contact profile photos avaliable
    Blutooth funtion
  • Lightest and Smallest 3G Smartphone

    Lightest and Smallest 3G Smartphone
    One of the first 3G smartphones
    Extremely small
    Very light
    123 grams in weight
    Number keys located around large screen
    Photography and video software
    Talk time of nearly 3 hours using 3G
  • Slide Phone

    Slide Phone
    You can flip the screen of this phone up to reveal the keypad
    The screen sice is 2.88 inches
    1.9 megapixels rear camera
    128 MB of storage
    176 grams in weight
  • The First iPhone

    The First iPhone
    This was the first model of a long line of iPhones within the Apple brand
    Since June the 11th 2013, the iPhone first generation has been considered "vintage"
    This phone has one button on the front which takes you to the home screen along with volume buttons on the side and an on/off button on the top right
    4, 8 or 16 GB of storage
    Built in rechargeable compartment
    3.5 inch screen
    135 grams in weight
    Two inbuilt speakers
    Online activity
  • Blackberry Bold Phone

    Blackberry Bold Phone
    This phone had its own motto which was: "Love to be bold".
    Colour screen
    More expensive than older blackberry model phones
    0S 6 feature
  • New Samsung

    New Samsung
    16 GB of storage
    Internet access
    133 grams in weight
    Front and rear camera features
    Long battery life
  • iPhone 6 Plus

    iPhone 6 Plus
    Internet access
    Voice control
    Fingerprint lock feature
    8th generation of iPhones
    10 million models were sold on the opening weekend
    172 grams in weight
    iOS 8.1.3 software update (this provides more features)
    4.7 inches
    Great photo options
    Apps avaliable for free download
    Long battery life
    Way more options than the first mobile phone
    Slogan; "Bigger than bigger"
    Unlimeted calls and text messages