Phone technology and development

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  • Long Distance Calling

    Long Distance Calling
    Opening of long distance telephone service, New York to Chicago, 950 miles.
  • First Long Distance conversation

    First Long Distance conversation
    First conversation ever made by long distance underground cable, 10 miles - New York to Newark.
  • telephone line

    telephone line
    Opening of First Trans-continental telephone line, New York to San Francisco, 3600 miles.
  • AT&T Introduces program

    AT&T Introduces program
    AT&T introduces stored program controlled switching. There are now 2,421 telephone companies.
  • Summary of Phone Lines Open

    Summary of Phone Lines Open
    There are now 1618 telcos and 140 million phones in the U.S. Bell companies supply 85% of the lines; GTE: 10%. Smallest telco had 19 subscribers. About this time the last manual telco switchboard in Maine is retired.
  • Digital signal processing of all telecommunication equipment

    Digital signal processing of all telecommunication equipment
    (including ISDNs and HDTV) A television can now be used as a television, telephone, computer and video game center all in one place.
  • First text

    First text
    The first commercial usage of text mesaging was implemented by Nokia in China and Japan in the year 1995.
  • First PDA Phone

    First PDA Phone
    In 1993, IBM and BellSouth joined together to create the PDA Phone. It didn't just send and recive voice calls, it updated to be able to have an address book in it, be used as a calculator, and able to use it as a fax machine and pager. It was also the first touch screen phone ever made.
  • First Clamshell FlipPhone

    First Clamshell FlipPhone
    Made by Motorola. It was an upgrade know as StarTAC. It had became the first tru flip phone ever made. This device only weight 3.1 onces. It was able to support sms texting. it had digital features and had a contact list.
  • First Candybar Phone

    First Candybar Phone
    Nokia came to the scene in the year1998 with the first ever candybar phone. It weighed 6 onces. it had an intena and a rechargable battery. It was 5.2 inches long. It ended up being Nokias top best selling device in the 90's.
  • intro the blackberry

    intro the blackberry
    BlackBerry- a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999 which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet ,faxing, web browsing and other wireless info services. The blackberry first became popular because they focused on creating email connectes to the cell phone world.
  • precurser to the blackberry smartphone

    precurser to the blackberry smartphone
    This phone had a calender, mobile emailing, 8-line display, and an organizing system. Most people were not interested in those things so it was mostly owned by people who worked in the corporate industry.
  • First Bluetooth Phone

    First Bluetooth Phone
    The Ericsson T36 introduced Bluetooth technology to the world, which allows all consumers to wirelessly connect their phones to their computers.
  • The First Camera Phone

    The First Camera Phone
    It was the first cellular device to feature an integrated camera with a dedicated snapshot button. Unfortunately, it was limited to a 640x480 resolution, 4x digital zoom and 3-foot range. Regardless, users of the phone could snap photos on the go and then later upload them to their PC using a bundled software suite
  • Swivel

    PC World liked it so much that they named it the product of the year in 2003. While its voice capabilities were only mediocre, this was one of the first devices to offer truly functional mobile Web browsing, e-mail access, and instant messaging. It pioneered that nifty swiveling design.
  • First BlackBerry Smartphone

    First BlackBerry Smartphone
    Operating along a GSM network, the BlackBerry 5810 allowed users to send e-mails, organize their data and prepare memos. It was the first BlackBerry PDA to feature cellular connectivity. But, it doesn'y have a speaker and a microphone, meaning a headset was required to use it.
  • Privacy Bird

    Privacy Bird
    As people browsed on the web, people on the other end of the service were able to go through their personal private information on their phones and computers. They created the provacy bird to protected your privacy on your phone.
  • First Ultra-Thin Phone

    First Ultra-Thin Phone
    Phones started getting really big and bulky. Razr came out with the new idea of an ultra thin cell phone. Other highlights included an internal antenna, a chemically-etched keypad and blue backlighting. It was, in essence, the first phone built to not only provide great functionality, but to also exude style and elegance.
  • First Music Phone

    First Music Phone
    It brought together: Apple's iTunes music player and Motorola's cell phone design expertise. The Motorola Rokr was the first music phone to incorporate Apple's music software. It let users transfer songs bought from iTunes to the phone for listening on the go. Users found song downloads to be really slow, and the 100-song limit imposed on their music collection.
  • Apple iPhone

    Apple iPhone
    When Apple came into the cellphone industry in 2007, everything was different. Apple took away the keyboard and keypad and replaced it with a multi-touch touchscreen display that allowed people to feel as if they were physically manipulating data with their fingers: clicking links, stretching/shrinking photos and flipping through albums. It brought the first ever fully-featured platform to cell phones. It was likethey took a computer operating system and squished it into a tiny phone.